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  1. A powerfully anointed piece of worship music!

  2. I wake up singing this song almost every morning without even thinking about it! What a wonderful way to wake up, and to greet my Jesus in the morning! If I am driving anywhere, it's playing in the car! It makes me joyful!

  3. Here's a good one!

  4. And another!

  5. This is new song by Big Daddy Weave.

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  6. I am always blessed by Big Daddy Weave! Such anointing. I am going to have to go and get this CD!
  7. You might want to make sure you get the "deluxe" version of the album. The Deluxe version gives you four more songs that are not on the standard album. I guess this is something new in selling albums.
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  8. Thank you! I have an old friend (of more than 50 years!), whose family is throwing a surprise birthday party for her on Friday, and she is a believer, but has lived with an unsaved husband (a wonderful man) for at least 40 years, and so her faith has been a bit of a struggle. I am going to buy her a copy...it will bless her!
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    @CCW95A ...
    I went out today and bought two of the Big Daddy Weave new CD's...one for my friend and one for me. It is amazing! Thank you for mentioning it! It's going to be a favourite for me for quite a while!

    Just noticed that "Welcome" is not on this one...So sad.
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  10. Still love this one...

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  11. @CCW95A

    Well...you need to know this! Your posting of the song by Big Daddy Weave was important! As I said, I went and bought their new CD (I didn't see the deluxe version---too bad, because the song you posted was amazing!). I bought one for me and one for my old friend for her 60th birthday. When she opened up the gift bag, she was so excited! Apparently just a couple days ago, she had that very CD in her hand and was going to buy it, but didn't. I was really blessed by this. It seems to providential. I felt she would enjoy the wonderful adoration of Jesus in it and the encouragement that comes from it, knowing that she has been married for about 40 years to a man who has made no bones about not wanting anything to do with God. He is a lovely man, but has a real problem with church as he was literally forced to attend church as a boy, most likely in the face of parents who had only a Sunday face and another face for the remaining week.

    Thank you for sharing it...there was a blessing of encouragement to a woman who is spiritually single that came out of such a simple thing you did!
  12. No problem, my family and I are big into music, and are constantly watching the Christian music scene for new music. From the time I wake up the morning until I go to bead we always have music playing, and in every bedroom. Hopefully the album you bought has the song I posted. I rarely by CD as I find it easier to download the music and put them all my computers. My car uses a flash drive, which can hold thousands of songs. There is another new Christian singer who is pretty good, and his name is Dan Bremnis. You can listen to few of his songs for free to see if he is the style you like.
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