Fathers Are Wonderful People

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  1. Fathers Are Wonderful People

    Fathers are wonderful people
    too little understood,
    And we do not sing their praises
    as often as we should...
    For somehow Father seems to be
    the man who pays the bills,
    While Mother binds up little hurts
    and nurses all our ills....
    And Father struggles daily
    to live up to his image
    As protector and provider
    and hero of the scrimmage...
    And perhaps that is the reason
    we sometimes get the notion
    That fathers are not subject
    to the thing we call emotion,
    But if you look inside Dad's heart,
    where no one else can see,
    You'll find he's sentimental
    and as soft as he can be....

    But he's so busy every day
    in the grueling race of life,
    He leaves the sentimental stuff
    to his partner yes his wife...
    But fathers are just wonderful
    in a million different ways,
    And they merit loving compliments
    and accolades of praise,
    For the only reason Dad aspires
    to fortune and success
    Is to make the family proud of him
    and to bring them happiness...
    And like our heavenly Father,
    he's a guardian and a guide,
    Someone that we can count on
    to be always on our side.

    Helen Steiner Rice

    To all the Dads.

  2. Fathers are wonderful People...

    :israel:I have just read about what you have written Godbe4me,yes it is me here (Raymond) well my father died when I was so small,and I don't remember him only what I have been told by my mother and other family.

    But now I can say that I DO HAVE A FATHER WHO LOOKS AFTER ME more that I could ever expect a Father could do.
    He is more than I have ever expected, He gives so many things to me, He does everything that I ask for, He leads me through tough times, He heals all my sicknesses, He is my companion, He is with me every day, He listens to me when I'm down, He gives to me good advice, He will never forsake me or ever leave me, He will give to me eternal life.
    as I was brought up by my Mother.
    My Father that I'm speaking about is a true Father.

    God bless you

    Raymond :israel: :fish:

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