Fathers and Daughters

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  1. Fathers and Daughters


    I wish you would have a special lunch with me once a month and let me talk. I wish you wouldn’t drink beer so much. I wish you would hug me more. I wish you would hug Mommy more and not argue so much. I wish you would be protective of me. I wish you would “screen†the people I am hanging out with. I wish you could see I need you so much...

    To be continued…(add to it if you like)

    Although my father is dead, I hope to help fathers realize just how important they are in their daughters' lives.
  2. screen the people?
  3. Good question.

    When I was 15 I was allowed to leave the house and get into a car with my friend, her boyfriend and another man. My father didn't care to ask that they come in and introduce themselves. The other man was 20. Had my father cared enough to bring him in the house, check his license and ask a little bit about him (screen)... Well, that would be a good thing for fathers to do. Find out a little more about the people your daughters are hanging out with.

    Even with little ones, I think it's wise to find out a little more about the homes they may be playing in. That's what I meant by "screen". Help your daughters make wise choices regarding who they spend their time with.
  4. Hi WT!

    What a nice sentiment! When my husband and I became parents to our 2 adopted little girls, I started seeing a side of my husband I had never had the pleasure of seeing before! He is great father to our little girls and I can already tell he will be one of those fathers very much involved in his daughters lives. You are so right! Daddies are so important to little girls and being a good father is a privilege that unfortunately some people don't choose to take advantage of. I feel so blessed to have such a good husband who is also so loving and involved with our little girls, and I see the importance of him being that way every day!

  5. Fathers, be good to your daughters......
    daughters will love like YOU do.

  6. I have 3 daughters and they are a pleasure! They DO like hugs. More so when they get older!!!! With the two still at home a night does not go by where they do not walk up and ask for a 30 second hug. Sometimes they will say "I need a hug."
  7. What a blessing to have them ask for hugs, it is good to be loved!:D
  8. I am sorry for all the girls that go through life without a Father.....
    May they all learn to find strength and love in our Heavenly Father!

  9. As a self proclaimed daddys girl, I find that at the age of 35, I still NEED my dad.

    I remember pretending to have fallen asleep, so that he would carry me into the house after a trip, I remember him kissing my knee when I fell down, I remember him trying to explain a carburetor to me (lol)...I remember a lot of things, but what really surprised me was how horribly sad I felt when I married, and left his house...although I now had a husband, I still wanted my daddy. Even now, as I remember these things, I find myself crying while I type this.

    Many Dads are unaware of just how much their daughters love & need them...everyone gets cheated in this situation...everyone. My DH was truely afraid of our daughter when she was born. He'd never been around little girls outside of school. Knowing my relationship with my dad, he "bit the bullet" and faced his fears head on. I enjoy watching their relationship, it closely mirrors mine with my father.
  10. im gna be such a cool dad when im older!! :D

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