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  1. If you want to "fast" I suggest a TV fast? How many times do you think we compromise what we believe when we watch TV? What effect does it have to intake a steady stream of unbelief and ungodly behavior? I invite comments...:D
  2. How about you do a Zacharias fast.. :D
  3. What am I suppose to fasten it to? :confused:
  4. Hey don't mess around and change the subject!..:mad:
  5. Ha been reading too many of Where's post your starting to act like him...:(
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  6. I couldn't help it. LOL. Whew!
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  7. I had a bunch of jokes but I thought my Zacharias one was the best.
  8. A TV fast, huh? I usually turn it off or mute it when I spend time with God.
  9. What's a Zechariah fast?
  10. Zacharias tried to back talk an angel and the angel forced him in a fast where he couldn't talk until his son was born
  11. I bet He is really impressed? :rolleyes: Can you not fast the TV sis? ahhh...maybe it has power over you?:eek:
  12. I've just fitted a satellite dish for Freesat (UK free to view channels) added a new tuner card to our MythTv set up, etc. So I'm quite heavily into tv at the moment! My father had wanted a few more channels and an alternative to our terrestrial tv which can breakdown to the extent that no channels are available for a couple of days a couple of times in a year (we are on the fringe for reception from the transmitter). I decided to do this one as a DIY project for the household.

    With regards to fasting, I don't think I'd have a problem. When I was living on my own, I opted to do without tv and would probably make the same decision now if I was in similar circumstances. In fact with broadband now (I was on dial up at the time) and some live sport (in particular, test cricket) seemingly lost to Sky forever, I think the decision would be easier.

    My own viewing is usually for the last hour or so before bed when I usually watch some detective series or other and a general knowledge quiz show while I've having my tea. I don't usually bother much at other times.

    The one area of tv viewing that did start to bother me was horror films. It felt like I was being questioned very sternly as to what I thought I was doing watching this genre. I've not watched any since - maybe for 2 years now.
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  13. You take the first week and Ill take the next one....:)
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  14. It doesn't! And I think the lord's okay as long as I spend some time with Him without distractions. :p
    Your both going on a Zechariah fast? Good luck. LOLOLOL
  15. I think Where has already started... This will be a great week...:D
  16. :ROFLMAO:
  17. What about a fast on fasts...does that sound interesting to anyone? Or is there such a thing a slow fast (like Hot Chili, or Jumbo Shrimps?)...just jokin...I have gone long times without watching TV but to do it as an offering to God? Hmmm! Never thought of that...
  18. I have not watched TV in 2 months. BUT........................................................ my puter, a lot more there than TV im afraid:speechless:
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  19. I hear ya........... My computer was taking up my God time..... My awesome AMD 6x core, 400.00 dollar Graphic card, but I always tell God, no matter how much left in the account, I will sow it all and believe him for the money to pay the bills.

    It was one of those times I was reminding God about how awesome I am in that I will give what he asked for, that He asked for my Isaac. I built Isaac myself and would have put an I7 in there but the Wife bulked at the 1,200 dollar price for a CPU.

    Anyway, Unlike Abraham who got to keep his Isaac, someone else now tells me how awesome that computer is and how much it helps them with the speed of complex math and school stuff running emulators of complex math..... (All Greek to me)

    I get more time with God now, and can only use this....... wife's laptop when she or the daughter is not on.
    Amen........... I sowed, so I believe for much better down the road when I can get to the place where it won't suck so much time and waste time.
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