Family Devotions

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  1. Family Devotions

    What do your family devotions look like? Do you use a book or other resource? Only the Bible? How long do they last? How often do you have them? Do you pray together?
  2. We usually run about an hour and a half to two hours on thursday nights-
    The first and most important thing we do is invite God to be in charge and ask the help of the Holy Spirit to bring the Word-
    we always start with plenty of time in worship then bible study- I generally take notes as God speaks to me during my weekly reading- they can be from all over the bible but when they go on paper God always seems to make them fit just right! sometimes we use other christian books and occasionally a cd or video as the Lord leads then it's prayer time- we usually finish off with a little dessert and fellowship
  3. We don't have family devotions at home, just individual ones.
  4. "Family Devotions".
    We do not set aside a time for this but take every opportunity to talk about and discuss all religious and spiritual issues, using the scriptures.
    It happens often.

  5. We read from a couple of daily devotional books we have and usually read the scripture that comes with each devotional. Sometimes we kind of elaborate on the scripture and the devotional we read!

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