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  1. falling

    i diddnt read thisin the bible but i was told that it is in the bible, thast why its in here. i emailed someone asking them what it mans when you dream that your falling (no sight, just sensation) and right before you hit the ground you wake up, sometimes gasping for air and all shooken up. the person said that in the bible it say's that that means your on the wrong path, or are doing somthing wrong, like heading inthe wrong direction. i cant find this in the bible. oh yea, ive had that dream
  2. Hi Daniel17

    I don't pretend to know all the bible, but I have a hard time believing that it's written in the bible that if you dream you're falling, you're in sin or on the wrong path! God is a loving Father. If you have sin in you're life that you're not aware of, I don't believe God would use the "scare" method to make you aware of it. I believe God speaks to us through His Holy Spirit, in a still, small voice, manifested sometimes maybe by an uneasy feeling in the pit of your stomach. There are of course other ways like an audible voice in your mind, a certain scripture in your time of prayer, profecy, a friend telling you he or she has heard from God regarding you, etc. Whatever the method, I would sugest going to God and asking Him directly in prayer. As far as dreams are concerned, although some dreams may be from God, I don't believe this particular one is telling you anything! If you want to be certain, however, pray about it. If there is anything wrong, the Lord will show you. Just don't be afraid!

  3. thakns. yea i could'ent find it inthe bible, i've got bolth versions and 4 diffrent bibles and couldent find it.
  4. if you stand up straight and faithfully ask for jesus he will be there.
  5. Daniel that certainly isn't in the bible- but this is:

    Rom 14:17 For the kingdom of God is not meat and drink; but righteousness, and peace, and joy in the Holy Ghost.

    God gives righteousness, peace and joy and if something like that comes into my head I do not receive it in Jesus Name- Whenever I ever fall brother I can only land in His loving arms!

  6. what does that mean?
  7. What it means is a lifetime of peace -when you trust Jesus you know that He will work everything for your good no matter what. If I make a mistake or do something stupid He is always there to forgive me , put me on my feet and draw me back close to His heart, His will and His way. If tragedy befalls me He will be in the midst of my situation bringing unexpected good- I have seen this so many times.
    As far as fearful thoughts or dreams I reject them in the Name of Jesus fo the Word of my God declares " God has not given us a spirit of fear but of love, peace and a sound mind"- I simply do not entertain such thoughts for they do not come from my Father- His Word also declares that I should "think (dwell) on things that are of good report"-
    King David was a many of many trails and tribulations but he declared
    "Psalm62:5 My soul, wait thou only upon God; for my expectation is from him."- I like David have learnrd to expect good things from my Father at all times- as far as your dream it is hard to say but I am willing to bet that most of us have had that type before-

    here is a suggestion-
    Pray this prayer- Jesus thank you for forgiving my sins be my Lord and Savior, come into my heart and make me new- Jesus give me peace as I sleep , give me Godly dreams and thoughts of You- be Lord of my home and let your peace rest here- thank You for hearing me- Amen

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