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  1. with Jesus Christ.

    My ex and I had a mutual breakup. We both know in order to grow, we have to fall in love with Jesus Christ and if it be Gods will we end up together, then at least we'll have a foundation of us both being in love with the LORD.

    I just want some advice on where to begin. :)
  2. What you're doing is AWESOME!

    Start getting to know God better! I know I was in a relationship with a nonbeliever and when I wanted to get serious about God, God told me to end it. So I ended it and I got to know God! Get to know His likes, His dislikes. I didn't know much about God when I wanted to get serious, so I told Him, "I just want to get to know you...I don't even know who You are!" Make it a priority to hang out with Him every day :) It can be difficult at times, because there will be days when you don't want to hang out with Him. When I faced that, I pretty much FORCED myself to hang out with Him and it was always good! You have an enemy who doesn't want you to draw close to God.

    I'm happy for you! This is very awesome =)
  3. 1 Corinthians 7
    Ephesians 5
    Genesis 2:23-25
    Mark 10:1-12

    From my experience: better to be cleaved to the Lord than to live a double-minded life. God knows your heart's desire. Read, pray, fast meditate on the Word....seek GOOD counsel, fellowship with elders of your gender & couples/married groups.
  4. I think that it to early to say whats going on. change is allways good if your in agreement with each other. Yeah I have no other ideas at this time.
  5. Hey guys so here is the story in detail:

    My ex-fiance and I made a mutual decision to breakup because I wanted to grow more in Christ. He says he also has the desire to and all I can do is pray for him... We just can not be a COUPLE during this time. I know I will push him farther away from myself and the LORD so that is not good. We said that we hope we can both grow and maybe eventually, if we get back together, at least we will have that foundation of of the LORD being the center of our lives.

    For a month, all thanks to the LORD and HIS strength, I have been able to cope. I am learning more of the LORD and I do love Him, but am still trying to be in love with Him.. I'm trying to forget about my past. It's been hard.. But it has to be done.

    Now, something came to mind. I am torn between letting my ex go in a sense that I do not talk to him at all until he tries to contact me (we are on long distance b/c I'm finishing college in abraod) OR if I should continue to show him support & kindness as a friend in Christ by messaging him scripture (for motivation.. not pressuring him or forcing him to grow) from time to time. I had asked him if it was ok that I send him scripture and he said yes. I told him if he had any questions, he could come to me and he said that it would be a blessing. It's been a month and he hasn't texted me regarding anything about the LORD. I don't want to ask either because again, I don't want him to think I'm pressuring him... I will be back in the same state as him and was wondering if I should ask him if he wanted to join me at church when it's his day off... but won't until God gives me the go to continue in supporting my ex and his walk... if he pursues on having one.

    I don't mean to be stubborn. But I am one of the only Christian friends he has and people are used as instruments... He was always supportive of my spiritual walk and I was so impatient with his... but I have learned that it really is on God's time.
  6. I think you can be a great support and friend because you can. I dont think you need a external motive for what you would do normaly.
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  7. Thank you.. I prayed on it and my interpretation wasnt clear at first but it is getting clearer now. I will pray on it tonight again that this is the right thing.. :) Thank you once again!
  8. I just went to a conference for youth leaders and one speaker talked about being in love with God. He said to not "try" to love God, but just be. For example, if you put an ice cube in front of a fire, it doesn't try to melt, it just does it without thinking. And so it's the same way with the love of God. Just melt in His love, don't try to love Him, don't try to melt. Just rest in His love. :)

    Now, this is just my opinion on your current situation. I think it's good that you guys are taking a break. I know that God will bless you for listening and obeying His voice. However, I believe you sending scriptures and still talking to him might not be a good idea. Yes, I completely understand that you want to encourage him. However, if you guys are taking a break to pursue God, wouldn't the break consist of backing off completely? If it's God's will for you guys to get back together, He'll bring you guys back together and you don't have to try to get back together. I'm saying this because you might be scared of losing him forever and maybe, in a way, the reason you are doing these things is to stay in contact so you won't lose him. I've seen it before and I've even have done it in the past. Maybe examine your motives for staying in contact with him. I'm not you, so I can only tell you what I'm seeing and what I'm feeling.

    You said that he hasn't texted you for a month. And I have a question: Is it really a big deal that he hasn't texted you back? I know you'd like for him to text you, but what if he doesn't? I know that you want to encourage him in his walk and I truly think that's great. I'm not against that. But you have to know something...you can only plant the seeds, but it's the work of the Holy Spirit that does the stirring and leads them to repentance and a deeper walk with the Lord.

    You can be used and I do feel that God has used you and is still using you.

    Start praying. Start praying and asking God why you feel the need to do this. Look at your motives. Are you truly pursuing this because you want to encourage him or are you pursuing this because you want to talk to him?

    I'm not trying to be insensitive, but I have been there and I have had to look at my motives and my motives was I want to keep talking to this person even though I knew I shouldn't. If I was in your situation, I would completely back off. If he texts you, then of course respond, but if he doesn't, I don't believe you should be texting him and talking to him. You said you guys are taking a break, therefore, take a break. Back completely off. If this is truly God's will for you guys to get back together, it'll happen. If not, then you guys won't.

    The seeds that you have planted are great. Again, I'm not against you ministering to him. I just feel that if you guys are taking a break to fall deeper in love with God, I believe both parties should back off and do just that: fall in love with God.
  9. Were you at 'Youth Ablaze'? We had a small group there...
  10. @xspinningisfun

    Thanks so much for answering. :)
    I had prayed on it &God answered to me.
    My hearts at peace. He is wonderful!
  11. You know, I'm not sure that loving, but not being "in love" is a useful distinction when talking about one's relationship with God. But, I'm going to have to give that some thought. My primary concern is the possibility of chasing something that is, in the end, something without substance.
  12. We did not. It was called Youth Leaders Summit.

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