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  1. Is it not something Special to be in love?
    Particularly if these feelings are replied?
    However, what is if it is a "forbidden love"? If one of the two people (or both) are married? Or if both have the same sex? Or comes from different cultures or religions? If this love does not accept for family, church and society?
  2. I suppose that would be determined by the beliefs that you hold. What is taboo or normal to you, or ethically acceptable vs unacceptable?(Rhetorical question).

    Whether or not it should, forbidden fruit seems to be the sweetest....
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    If you hate God and don't care much for those you hurt, Yes.
  4. Define ''being in love'' please.
  5. It is a question of what is moral then?

    1 Corinthians 13:4-7
    The Greatest Gift
    4 Love suffers long and is kind; love does not envy; love does not parade itself, is not puffed up; 5 does not behave rudely, does not seek its own, is not provoked, thinks no evil; 6 does not rejoice in iniquity, but rejoices in the truth; 7 bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.
  6. It is not about me in case of these questions. It is all about what you think about this. I do not care whether a love is permitted or forbidden socially or religiously. Love is love. And we should be grateful for every love; that meets us and we reply it.

    I ask myself only a question: Is this love (whether forbidden or permitted), good or bad for me? And, to prevent misunderstandings: It is not around sex it is about LOVE.
  7. Whom got I hurt by this? Ok, if I or the other person am married; the partners and possible children. But what is if a marriage is wrecked already inwardly, one stays together only from habit or because of the children? Primarily women usually feel sad in their marriages because the husbands often behave like A***. 70% of the divorces are applied by women in Germany.
    And; if it is for somebody from another culture or religion? Not believe perhaps at all? Am I hurt anybody there? Nobody! Or, if it is a homosexual love? Am I hurt anybody there? Nobody!
    To this it should be once proved that there is a God. Not a single proof for it and up till now added it.
  8. Do you not know this feeling?
    Poor boy!:D
    It is the feeling to feel perfect if the other person enters the room. It is the feeling that one has if one thinks of somebody. The warmth and affection which one feels. It is the feeling to want to live and die for somebody.
    One has this feeling only for living people, no invented figures or pop-stars. But for people whom one knows.
  9. Moral values have changed in the course of history of mankind again and again. As well in the course of the history of religions.
    Slavery was permitted by religions, promoted even, for a long time. They were then forbidden because people had learned.
    Women were oppressed in religions with the help of "Holy Bible/Scriptures" for a long time. Today we know that everything was caused from the point of view of time and culturally and think about this differently.
    Over witches one thought earlier differently, too, when today (except in fundamentalist circles). As well about homosexuality.
  10. if love is a question of what is moral, and moral values changes overtime,

    then love (object of affection) also changes overtime: develop/increase in intensity, diminish, or fades away…

    and if it does fade away, was it love in the first place?
  11. Love was never a question of morality. But, how to handle love was always a question of moral values. And they changed from time to time.
  12. What would you say if I had fallen in love with another woman? I talk about love, not about sex. Would you condemn it because the Bible condemns it allegedly?
    I by the way am heterosexual and it also will stay. It is just an example.
  13. "Fall in love"...the only way to "fall in love" is to become emotionally infatuated. That's isn't love. Love is a choice. Love is dedication. It is putting another's wants over our own needs. Love chose to leave the most wonderful and amazing experience in the Universe and come to Earth to suffer and die for those that hate you. Love is putting God at the center, because God is love. Love is making others equal to yourself, because God loves them too.

    Morality has not changed, man's acceptance of God's morality has. God defines morality because He loves us and wants to protect us, just as a parent instills ethics and morality in their children. It is immutable. Why do people always believe that it has changed simply because mankind thinks that we've changed?
  14. This topic does not go around God, it is about the love for a human nature. Said more exactly therefore; what is called "forbidden love".
    There is NO scientific proof of the existence of any GOD. Therefore why shall I waste my time with that?

    For heavens sake! "God" not but PEOPLE (said more exactly, MEN) have invented these moral values which are in the Bible. E.g., that a woman or daughter may be sold. female prisoners of war may be raped . Or, that heterodox ones shall be killed. This did not come from God but from people. From "prophets".
    If there really would be a God and it would be so cruelly he to order something like that; he would be out of the question for me as an adoration object.
  15. Ah, KingJ. I only mean to say that it is human nature to desire that which is off limits. If you tell a child that they can walk so far but no further, they will suddenly want to go further than you have allowed. The same is true with everyone. The difference for us Christians is that we attempt to fight that impulse in an attempt to obey God.
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    Is it possible that 2 people have conflicting set of moral values be in love with each other?

    As i observed: I think so:

    Then is:

    Love is more than a question of moral values that changes overtime?
    There are common moral values shared by both: that is: a common objective.

    I tend to think it is the latter, there is a common objective: does it change over time as well?

    I do not think so: it has to be timeless.

    Why it has to be timeless?

    I don’t know: it just that we human intrinsically(?) are looking for perfection : Love that is timeless, steadfast, faithfull…
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    Am not to judge anyone as well….even the past…..

    Even today: try as might lawmakers to be objective with the principles in the Constitution: there can be laws more so of accomodation with what the people want....
  18. Why are you here then? This is a site for people who believe in God, and you think God is a waste of time. From what I'm seeing, you are just coming to troll and to mock, but refuse to actually hear what others are saying. If you purpose is to learn, we're happy to help, but ever response is rejected by you. That's not learning, that's spreading hatred.

    Your view of the Bible is so negative, I seriously doubt anything anyone will ever say to you will make you happy. Even a discussion of love seems to offend you. God offends you. The Bible offends you. Love offends you, and so, now I will offend you. I hope you find peace in whatever it is you are looking for, but I will not give you a platform to continually attack our beliefs and mock our God here.
  19. I partially agree with you :p. As Christians we a have a new nature. Sure we are in sin and the world, but to a large degree desiring sin takes effort against our new nature. Example, adultery against my wife. I love sex and thoughts of other woman creep in all the time.... but love for God, my wife and having a good marriage is better then any forbidden fruit for me ;).

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