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  1. faith

    God says you will grow old if you follow my guides.but not want this life,so if people follow God,does this mean the end of diseases and sickness.?if so are we funding charities for prolonged illnesses,instead of showing them Gods words which are more valuable than research and medicines?i would love to hear your personal oppinions on this matter.
  2. God heals. Sometimes He heals by a supernatural touch. Sometimes He heals by doctors thru medicine- He is afterall the one who put the ingrediants of those medecines here and that for a purpose. Perhaps a marriage of faith with medicine is sometimes best as He is the author of both.
    And lest I forget, sometimes He gives ultimate healing by taking us home to be with Him.
  3. not sure on that m8,job was in satan,s hands and got sores bad things happened if your in Gods hands wouldn,t you get long life?is a lot of the sickness in the world because they are in satans hands?we know it,s a spiritual fight.does this make sense.?
  4. Mike are you saying that it was not God who gave us the plants and herbs that healing medicine is made of. Was it God who gave wisdom to perform surgery and save lives.
    I beieve He has put all in it's place as He foreknew our every need.
  5. why would we need plants to heal or doctors?we live in satans world with disease like job.jesus is salvation,God is our protector.sadistic evil place we live.motives for satan are very clear SUFFERING .very good reason why i don,t like doctors.
  6. I believe Brother Larry is right, but when God IS ready to take us home, He will....
    My Grandpa was an old fashioned preacher who got black lung from mining coal~
    Suffering is a part of life.
    One thing we sometimes have to endure.

  7. We live in a cursed earth. God has given us provision for our journey here Mike.
  8. just by touching jesus there faith in being cured actually cured them,jesus says your faith can move a mountain.also it,s not what goes in you that defiles you but what comes out of you.we believe this so eat pig,what is the diffrence with having faith for illness,also you pray to help someone to get i missing something?
  9. Yes I believe you are.
    My dad had a bad staff infection when he was in the military and almost died.If it wasn't for the principle of anti- biotics that God placed here for us my whole family would not have been born. Thank God for His mercy.
    Later in life he needed major sugery, that added years to his life. I cannot honestly think it was God's will for him to go home then or the medicine and wisdom that saved him ( by God's grace) would not have worked.
    If you have ever been touched and healed by a miracle that is the hand of God. If a doctor has ever helped you it was only by the grace of God that it worked. If your body has ever healed a cut thru natural processes again that is God's provision.
    Sometimes folks overlook the simple gifts of God when they only focus on the "miracles"- all healing comes from God and God alone-without Him we can do nothing.

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