Faith is a substance

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  1. Faith is a substance,an evidence,not just a word.
    If the president,presented you a cheque of a million dollars,you feel rich immediately,even without,having the cash at hand because you know,whom,it is,that,gave you the cheque.You know the president cannot be playing games with you(trust).If he gave you the cheque(evidence),is as good as,given you,the cash,hence,all between the cheque and cash,is just time.
    So,it is with God,the President of the universe.What He says,He will do and what He has spoken,He will make good.If we could trust a man,how much more,the maker of men.Just because you can't see Him,doesn't mean,He's not there and every word,He's spoken,pertaining you,He will fulfil in their due season.Let those words be your evidence
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  2. Yes and amen. By his word, he created the heavens and the earth, if he has spoken a word about you, it's already done.
  3. thats an awesome word :))
  4. At the beginning, faith renders a certain hope and whatever is promised by that faith is not seen. Heb. 11: 39-40 declares:
    At perfection (completion, holiness, fullness), faith that rendered a certain hope for something that could not be seen becomes substantive. Heb. 11:1 starts out declaring:
    Contextually, the word "Now" refers to the time of perfection. Remember that from Abraham to now (time of perfection), faith rendered hope and those who had/have the faith of Abraham only obtained a good report without substantively receiving the promise or seeing whatever is promised them.

    Also, remember that Heb. 6:1 declares:
    So, Heb. 1:1 does not define faith. Rather, it describes what becomes of faith at perfection. When we go unto perfection is when the promise that faith holds becomes substantive and can be seen (is evident).

    So, faith is not a substance of what we hope before perfection but becomes a substance of what we hoped for at/beyond perfection.

    Let us look forward to attaining the perfection of God so that every promise of God given to us can actualize to become substantive and evident.
  5. FAITH is the subject AND the object of that passage.
    FAITH is the substance.
    FAITH is the evidence.
  6. Heb. 11:1 is in the present tense not in the future tense. The author is not referring to some future event. In context the verses which follow and are dependant on vs.1 are actually used in the past tense to give examples of how faith moved men in God's will.
  7. Well said. Praise Jesus!
  8. Faith is not a substance, and I can not understand what all of you are saying. Our waranty (check) of eternal life (millon dollars) promesed for us by God (president) is the Holy Spirit. It is the Holy Spirit our waranty of being already salved.
  9. I think we all agree about the faith part. But faith in whom? How do we distinguish 'dead faith' - the kind of faith even the devils have - with faith that works? By what we do. And what must our actions be based upon in order to bring the eternal results we are looking for? That's right - the teachings of Jesus.

    By all means, let's promote and discuss faith; but let's also not lose sight of how that faith must manifest itself in order to be of kingdom purpose.

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