Faith Finds Its Hope

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  1. Faith Finds Its Hope

    A man that had leprosy came to Jesus. The man bowed on his
    knees and begged Jesus, "You have the power to heal me if you

    -- Mark 1:40 (ERV)

    Sometimes we come to the Lord for help simply out of habit. Sometimes
    we come with a sense of entitlement, arrogantly approaching him as if
    he owes us something. Humility is not really part of our modern
    vocabulary. Begging is not in our nature or in our experience. We very
    much need to learn from this leper: we come to God out of great need,
    begging for healing, and fully confident that he can heal if he chooses
    to do so. When is the last time you threw yourself on the mercy of the
    Lord? When was the last time you physically knelt in prayer in the
    presence of the Lord? Let's throw off the shackles of our false pride
    and pseudo-sophistication and recognize our place in the presence of
    the Almighty God and his Son and our Savior.

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