Facts ....,. Never say " I'm Not Good at Anything "

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  1. Facts ....,. Never say " I'm Not Good at Anything "

    Your brain can store 1000 facts.
    Your mind can handle 15,000 decisions a second.
    Your nose can smell 10, 000 different odours.
    You are a bundle of incredile abilities, all God given!

    The words "I'm not good at anything" should never come out of your mouth!
  2. The Lord created you with a specific purpose in mind for His kingdom and has fully equipped you to fulfill His calling for your life.
  3. That's right but I have met so many Christians that say ..... I have no talent ... or I can't speak like so and so or I can't sing ... or that person has a great testimony and mine is not so good .... and the list goes on ...

    God made each of us special and we are unique . He has given us abilities all of different nature and even if it's helping in the kitchen or being a greeter or always being there to help .... that's a talent and a gifting that maybe some one else does not have.

    I love to serve and be in the background and if I am asked to do those things that others would not want to do , I am happy .
  4. Amen, for we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus unto good works

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