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  1. facebook usernames

    In about 30 mins from now Facebook.com is introducing remember-able usernames instead of the old urls. If you have profile there, grab your preferred username as fast as possible. You wont be able to get your name if someone reserves it before you do. :)

    Details: Breaking: Facebook Username Landrush to Start June 13 at Midnight
  2. Any solutions to my problem . ?

    I have been locked out of facebook due to the fact that I changed servers and when I tried to logg in I could not . Even if it was a wrong password , they could not send me a new one because that server closed my account .

    I have sent several notices to the facebook team with out any answers . I know I have the right address because the email does not come back .

    In the help section there is a part that says how to change your email address but you have to be logged in to do it ... Frustrating .

    I even tried to start a new facebook account to no avail because it reverts back to my old email address .

    Help any body ....:eek::eek::eek:

  3. I love this 1 very good Dusty!!:cool:
  4. It didnt werk!! dang it. I wanted your pic thingy at the bottom, it prevents truth decay. thats good stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Hey,but that is not solving my facebook problem , Chili

    Actually , I have some to the conclusion . Maybe God does not want me to spend so much time on the computer. and that is why i cannot get back into facebook .

  6. Maybe. I suggest you leave it for a couple of weeks, and see how you feel then. In our case our christian based service provider blocks access to all the social networking sites for some reason, so I've never seen facebook.:)
  7. I'd be changing my ISP. Christian based or not, no one should have the right to tell you what sites you can visit, particularly when those sites are totally innocent.


  8. Hmm, I'd never thought of it like that. I guess what it comes down to is that the ISP does have the right to block access to sites, in this case, because, in using them, we have voluntarily given them that right. In fact we didn't even get the internet in the home until this ISP became available. As for blocking sites, it's not an arbitrary decision by a human, sites are scanned by artificial intelligence, for objectionable content. I don't know what the problem is with social networking sites, but maybe some folks write text that isn't suitable for children to read, or if it's possible to post photos, maybe some of them aren't suitable for kids either.

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