Facebook Or Twitter?

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  1. Which do you prefer?

    My preference is Facebook. :)
  2. Facebook...I'm a FB geek
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  3. Facebook FOR SURE!
  4. Don't wanna sound the odd one out, but GooglePlus, beats FB hands down for me, in coolness that is:cool: not as in member numbers. FB is far to crowded that it scares me away!

    And i use Twitter, though i dont know why as it feels like im typing to myself:confused: :ROFLMAO:
  5. I can't find a use for either. I used to have a facebook account....hmm might still have one, not sure. Do those things have a use by date like milk?
    Twitter, well I could never find a use for it, so I know definitely that I killed that one.
    What? Google who? Last I heard they published your details to spammers or something equally antisocial.
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  6. Amen i feel the same way, to much junk for me but my wife loves FB.
  7. add me on facebook =) i changed my name cuz of obvious reasons lol

    Alehandro Pascual
  8. Couldn't find you, lol.
  9. I like Facebook. Twitters for the famous people right? :)
  10. Haha, yes, many famous people are on there :p
  11. neither. theyre all part of a global conspiracy started by satanists to brainwash the young people of the world and turn them all into zombies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    No, just kidding I made all that up. While I dislike the privacy issues related to both, I am on facebook and partial to that, because it is a good way to connect with other people, as well as share my views and opinions with others.

    P.S. facebook, google, twitter, it doesnt matter if they can find a way to legally sell your information to make money they will do it.
  12. Both are great for sharing your faith in Christ, and with just one message you can reach millions in one dayt so imagine if you just write Jesus Loves, yes of course there is a downside with all these socials networks but i believe that we can also Use it for The Glory of God. Exemple i went on twitter bcause i realy wanted to reach somebody that normaly i would have never have a chance even to just send an email and be sure he would have read it...Imagine with twitter i sent a msg and receive an answer from Jessey Duplantis, i wrote to Joseph Prince, told Lebron James that Jesus is Lord, talk with TD Jakes and everyday i send incouraging messages outhere for peoples to get bless....So use it and use it for God's Glory...as far as what is the best, i use to be on facebook but not anymore but i will be back soon, im now on twitter under Cool-b-Holy, there is another one fantastic Called Gracehope it's a kind of Facebook for Christians and Made by Joseph Prince.

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