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  1. Have you ever experienced "knowing" someone through words -- their own or what someone else had said -- so you thought you knew that person's personality, their ways, just not their face? Then you met them, and everything changed. Your previous attitude melted quite a bit. What you thought you were going to say was no longer relevant -- maybe even inappropriate -- so you started off on a brand new footing with that person.

    I have often thought of this, when writing on this site. I've wondered if my attitude would change when in your presence. Would I drop my harshness? Would I suddenly choose not to be sarcastic? Would I lose my prejudices?

    Would I smile, extend my hand, and shake yours warmly? Would I invite you in for a cup of coffee, tea, or a homemade smoothie?

    Would I hope you were busy and would soon leave? Would I give you my most sincere-looking fake smile as you go and wipe my brow in relief that you were gone? Or would I hope you could stay longer -- maybe go in the back yard and talk to me while I take down the last of the plums, so I could wash them and we could laugh our way through their sweet messiness, requiring many napkins?

    Would I say, "Well, let's get together again," and not mean it? Maybe even hope you never return? Or would I say, "Let's do this again! What do you think of next Wednesday, 2 p.m., here"?

    I've had it happen, I admit, negatively, but usually positively.

    People on a cold, flat screen are often misunderstood. We don't see the roll of the eyes with the funny little smile while they're writing. We are unaware of the wink of the eye when something is written. The cute little tease can be mistaken for disgust.

    G-d help me, and G-d help you, to be more aware of good human nature, especially in those who are family through the love of our Messiah.

    If you have any ideas to add here, any encouragement, to help us to treat each other as we would face-to-face, please help us out by letting us read your thoughts.
  2. Actually I have errored in another aspect also.. After meeting someone for the first time, i would start judging their character. After talking with them in person, I understand their true character. That happens with me all the times. This has happened with some of my best friends from my college! I thought those guys and girls were jerks.. Sorry for the language! And then they became my true and close friends..
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  3. ...And there are those who "know" me in a single capacity -- let's say they know me from work. And somehow, they think they know me! This reminds me of when I was in first grade. I saw my school teacher there with a grocery cart, shopping. I asked Mother, "Teachers buy groceries?!" The teacher and Mother laughed, and I felt awfully foolish. "Of course, they shop," I said to myself silently, "and eat and drive and dust and mow lawns."

    Sometimes, the assumptions drawn are awfully ignorant; sometimes, they just need to be communicated.

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