Face of Leonardo Da Vinci Revealed.

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  1. Face of Leonardo Da Vinci Revealed.


    Wow, the things they can do nowadays .
  2. I like it when they paint Jesus and all of His disciples "sitting" at the last supper on one side of a "table" as if they were about to get their picture taken!!! :D :D :D
  3. Da Vinci sure did like hiding stuff. I think he was self conscious - so he wrote on his face. J/K. :D:D
  4. Yea,

    I read that it was actually Mary Magdelene next to Jesus in the "Last Supper" painting.....

    And the Apostle John was "Hiding" somewhere under the table!!! :D
  5. I know .... Give me a break ... Stupidness . People have nothing else to do.
  6. AH!!! You read the book too! :D :D :D

    Next thing ya know, people will be looking for "Hidden Codes" in the bible somewhere! :eek:

  7. I only skimmed over it . I am not interested in that kind of book . and to think the guy who wrote it probably got rich .
  8. You got that right......

    But as the bible (Jesus) said.... he has received his reward.

    Ours is far greater. And not of this earth. I ....Like you, will be patient with regard to that! :smile_anim:
  9. Amen and amen.
  10. All else aside however....
    Da Vinci has to be one of the greatest artists that has ever lived.

    His detail, and emotional expresion are just unseen in modern art.
    The man truly had a gift from God.

    I just don't buy into all of the "Hooplah" that some people try to read into his artwork.
    The "Hidden messages" and Gnostacism and such.
  11. Your right .... His work was something that no body in this day and age will ever be able to touch .
  12. OOoo~ Neat!

    Yay Science!

    I can kinda see his hair too, looks like those pretty boys all the medieval girls go gaga over. I can see his hair blowing in the wind while he paints furiously as groupies cheer and swoon around him. :p

  13. He he :D:D:D Richard you are too much .
  14. That's true. Just because they find stuff in his paintings doesn't mean he did it to send us a message. What if he was just having some fun? :D

    I'm not that big of a fan of Da Vinci, anyways. Like I prefer Aaron Copland or Claude Debussy over Mozart and blech - Vivaldi. :D

  15. great pic, it does look real!

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