Extreme weather profile: July -- December, 2007

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  1. Wow- trouble everywere- I couldn't stay up the other night but I was told that the moon was going to turn red during an eclipse- sorry I missed it but 3 Am and I don't mix.
  2. Please note that there are several glaring inaccuracies in that supplied link.

    PLEASE do not accept anything that you read from an orgainzation that supports 'global warming activist positions' and has an 'extremeist agenda' without doing YOUR OWN independent research to confirm the FACTS.

    One of the most unfortunate inaccuracies is their quote that states that Hurricane Dean caused no deaths. That is a lie and MANY sources can confirm their lie. These are just a couple...


  3. Thank you Pastor, I should have checked it out more carefully. From here on in I will research more closely before posting. Sorry the INFO I shared was not completely accurate.
  4. That's really OK, Freedom 07 - As you know, my meterological involvements are a bit more intense these days through our Weather Phenomenon and Tropical Systems Studies Group because of the devastation that these developing tropical systems and inland storms are capable of.

    We'll just tally this one up as a lesson of how websites which seem to represent truths can, in fact, just add to the agenda of the extremists with junk science and hypotheticals - not scientific fact. People read this stuff so often, they start to believe it and THAT is what these sites do --- they deceive by agenda and political purpose.
  5. satan is prince of the air.kep us informed on what he does next.

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