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  1. Expect Results

    Ye have not, because ye ask not. Ye ask, and receive not, because ye ask amiss.

    – James 4:2-3

    Are all your needs met today? If not, why not?

    According to the Word of God, it's either because you're not praying about them at all or because when you do pray, you're praying wrong.

    What does it mean to pray wrong? In many cases it simply means to pray without expecting results. Many believers do that, you know. They use prayer as a kind of spiritual wishbone. They just play around with it. This probably won't do much good, they think, but who knows? It won't hurt to give it a try.

    If that's been your attitude, then change it! Start getting serious about prayer. Stop praying just because it's proper. Stop praying just because you always pray at this point in the church service. And start praying to get results.

    Start praying in the Name of Jesus, according to the Word of God, and expect to receive what you ask for every single time. Isn't that a little presumptuous? No, but it is bold, and you have a scriptural right to be bold.

    According to the Word of God, you have a standing invitation from your heavenly Father to "come boldly unto the throne of grace, that [you] may obtain" (Hebrews 4:16). That word obtain is a word of certainty. The dictionary says it means "to get possession of."

    So pray, expecting to get possession of what you need, not just once in a while, but every time! When prayers do go unanswered, don't just wander away saying, "I guess you never know what God's going to do." Tackle the problem with both hands! Go to God in prayer and in the Word and find out where you missed it and get the problem corrected.

    When you go to God in accurate, Word of God-based, Spirit-inspired prayer, you do know what He's going to do. He's going to answer you. He's going to meet your need exactly as you asked Him. Start expecting Him to do it today.

    Scripture Reading: 1 John 5:4-15

    © 1991 Eagle Mountain International Church, Inc. aka: Kenneth Copeland Publications All rights reserved
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  2. I agree with Cturtle. I have learned that as part of showing the Lord the sincerity of your prayer, it is often best to end the prayer with a heartfelt thank you to God for answering the prayer even though you've only just made the request. I have been taught that it is important to thank the Lord as though the prayer has been answered in full. This shows your confidence in God's ability to fulfill what most people may see as impossible, and shows God that you believe in Him fully. I have been taught to approach prayer with seriousness and sincerity, and to always pray in a manner that shows God that you are fully invested in the importance of what you are asking for. This means repetitive prayer (praying for the same things several times a day), and my father taught me that sometimes fasting for the purpose of prayer was an effective way to let God see that this thing you are asking for is quite important to you. There is also taking to kneeling or prostrating oneself to humble oneself before the Lord - a method I have used in public to show God that I am not embarrassed to worship him for the whole world to see.

    The greatest wonder about praying is that even though the Lord may not always answer the prayer, you can be 100% guaranteed that ALL your prayers are heard.
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  3. Thank you ladies, for your insight and inspiration. Right now, I need it!
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  4. All glory to God for bringing you the answers you need, through one of my pastors.
    God bless
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  5. Ya know, I don't know where it comes from, but I kinda think that i shouldn't have any expectations. That it's wrong to expect things. Who am I to demand God gives to me?
    It feels a bit arrogant for me to be demanding I get my needs met. Maybe demand is a strong word here, but it feels like a demand when I read about praying to get results.
    This belief of Just letting things fall into my llap when it's good and ready seems like a safe bet, at least there will be no disappointments.
    It's also a matter of being careful what I wish for...
    So up to now I haven't prayed for anything.
    I need to revise my wish list in order for a Great God Giveaway!!!

    Thanks Gina
    Great post
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  6. Faith is the Expectant Hope of things not yet seen. You better have it!! Faith is not Faith without it.

    Expecting is not Demanding.
    There is a huge difference of the heart.

    This is true, it is arrogant to demand.
    HOWEVER. ....
    Expectancy is Confidence in What God Said. So Faith MUST have this Expecting Confidence to get the desired results AND Get this.....Please God!!

    If you are not praying to get results, then why bother praying? Do you pray just to be seen praying and have no hope of seeing it come to pass?

    That kind of thinking is actually from a doctrine of demons.
    What ever happens , happens and it must be God's Will.
    Your enemy the devil will be very happy to drop things in your lap and call it answer to prayer.

    You might want to rethink all this.
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  7. When I pray and ask God for things I often feel guilty asking for blessings like I am greedy. I am starting to learn that is not right thinking because God wants to bless me and give me things. This is just bad teaching I heard for 30 years in my ex-husband's family. They always used God in fear not in love.
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  8. Thank you for explaining this out completely. I was also taught that it was greedy to ask. I always feel bad when I ask God for blessings like I am just greedy.. Greedy with expectations that are good for others but not me. I have been working on this and every since I joined this site I can tell a difference already in my thinking. I greatly appreciate everyone's thoughts and comments and teachings on this site. I have learned so much lately and I can truly feel the changes taking place within me emotionally and spiritually. It's been very uplifting and educational in helping me to get to the next levels spiritually.

    My ex-husband would always beat me down and make me feel bad for how I always believed God for all things and even when I would fall down I would get back up quickly and keep going. He and his parents didnt understand and would talk about me and say I had more of the devil in me for the way I believe. That's so sad. Their god was always about fear never about love.
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  9. Hiya coffee drinker, yes , I too find no problem praying for others in an expectant way( thanks Jim for breaking it down) !
    and I think that's been the problem with me too about asking being greedy!!
    You hit the nail on the head!
    I'm still kinda thinking, " well ok panda girl, your important too, go for your needs, but hold on there, don't ask for any trimmings! Who do you think you are? " lol
    ive got so far, at least now, knowing Father Will Provide( I trust Him enough)
    I just having trouble in what to pray for myself, so I'm going for a better character!
    I don't feel comfy asking for a desire just yet,
    Partly cuz I don't know what I want, and partly cuz I've been there before, things look like they could make me happy! But I know from experience they don't!

    So yeh, I'm working on biblical needs

    I'm so happy you have have pushed pushed this hurdle, this is inspiring
    Blessings to you
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  10. My ex-husband used to call me greedy and I guess it messes with my head a bit. I am not a greedy person in any way or any part of my life. I have so many issues asking for financial blessings. I feel greedy, but that's not true and I need to remember that the enemy does not want me walking in those blessings or receiving anything. He wants to keep me discourage and second guessing myself, etc. I understand how you feel completely.

    If you pray for Gods will and walk in that Will we cannot go wrong. I am learning alot from all the people on this site. It's good to reach out to others who have been there and understand. Thanks so much.
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  11. Thanks Jim
    Many blessings to you and your family
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  12. Yes, it's amazing here! Many Good people.
    So, ya, I get what your saying, we all need things etc, so how to draw the line between being too greedy?
    I mean, the Word say not to be greedy, and I don't wanna go messing with the Word, yet there's got to be a balance somewhere.

    Some people have, like 6 houses, 3 jets and etc.... and I don't mind them having all that at all, Bless them I say! but I'd feel guilty and greedy if I had them.
    Yes, this kind of thinking for my self must go.

    Love ya coffee drinker, your a good person and not for one minute would I think your greedy!
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  13. The Bible makes it quite clear that God wants us to ask him for all things, big and small. He wants us to turn to Him and depend on Him for all things. Feelings of guilt and greed are quite simply the work of the evil one who wishes nothing more than to disrupt your relationship with God, and what better way to do it than to make you feel bad about praying to God for everything.
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  14. Well, now that you mention it.. I would love a beach house.. lol

    God has blessed me and given me much, I am so very thankful for what I have. I find that the closer I am getting back to God I am asking less of what I want from him materially and it seems that my requests now are how much I can get of HIM. Does that make sense? I want his time / his presence / his life / his love / etc. I want all of that around me all day every day. I do not want to be without it. These are things that are important to me.

    But this is where I feel guilty.... I give my tithes every single payday and I never skip my giving. I love to give back to God what he has already given to me and I want him to use my money / resources to further His work here. I was asking God to bless me for my giving, but then I started to feel so bad. I kept hearing this whisper in my ear that I was greedy and selfish so I stopped. I got really discourage and down. Is it wrong to pray for God to bless me for my obedience, I don't think so, but I felt horrible.

    I stopped praying for these type of blessings because, honestly, I didnt know what to do. I just kept feeling like greedy stingy person. But God says he will bless us for giving and for being obedient and he loves a cheerful giver..

    I need to know these answers, too. how do i get passed this because I know God wants to bless me for my obedience.
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  15. One thing that delights the Lord is when we are truly joyful and thankful for the blessings that he bestows on us. It is a wonderful feeling to be glowing with thankfulness for something God has given us, and know that this thankfulness gives the Lord pleasure.
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  16. I'm still seeking the Kingdom of God too and while I'm at it, I think of Gods Love, his kindness with no envy, He wouldn't want us to be envious so what's the opposite of envy?
    Just imagine that beach house!
    You could always rent it out when your not there lol
  17. Isn't past time to forget all that and let that go. It's bad seed and needs to be rooted up. Start by forgiving the X.
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  18. Well, I thought I had forgiven him. Maybe I have been holding onto things here and there.
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  19. Some people are called to house other people. If you had a trucking company and business was growing and you had 4 trucks and needed more, you would not feel guilty.

    If God calls you to preach in different areas and has you believe for things such as a jet, then if any one is bothered by it, well they need to get right before God.

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  20. Exactly!
    It's craziness that some people begrudge others blessings when serving.
    Now that's why I would feel guilty if I had all those things and never put them to serve

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