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Expansion of the forum(s)

Discussion in 'Staff Announcements' started by NearertoGod, Jan 18, 2008.

  1. Expansion of the forum(s)

    I would like to see an expansion of the forums, with some newer forums including some of the following:
    (Possibly a forum for undecideds to ask questions)
    Literature/Writing (for Christians to write poems, stories, etc)

    And maybe a chat room, too, for all us Christians to join in the chat.

    It may help you guys get more visitors and it would make it a lot more enjoyable, too!
  2. Thanks for your suggestions, I wil forward them for consideration.
    Many blessings and much love in Christ, brother Larry.
  3. Near, thanks for the suggestion. We are discussing this at our staff forum. :)
  4. Your quite welcome, Jeff. :) I'll think up some more suggestions if you like.
  5. Sure. :D
  6. ;D
  7. I think my eyes may be playing tricks on me. I see Literature and that says (Never) and I don't see Prophecy at all.

  8. Literature says Never because it has never been posted into.

    Prophecy is here
  9. Thank you HS.
  10. Prophecy is located as a subforum. :)

    I didn't see it at first either, but I found it. xD

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