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  1. What type of exercising are you guys doing, and what are your goals? Today my goal is to do 25 push-ups.
  2. 25 push ups well done ! If you do the 25 push ups for 3 days, then rest one day, I reckon the next day you will be able to do 26 push ups. I get good muscle exercise at work but the older I get the more important it is to get the heart rate up imo.
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  3. Yes! It's always good to get the heart rate going. You get to workout at work? That's awesome.
  4. I abseil a lot and have to lift and lower heavy things ( like myself :D ). I think office workers need to do more home exercise.
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  5. Haha yes they do.
  6. I don´t like exercising but as I am office worker, I have to do something. I walk over 10 km (6,5 miles) every day.
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  7. I think brisk walking is much less stressful on the joints than running and very good for the heart. Brisk walking in the bush/forest is also very good for the mind. imo
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  8. Nice! How long does it take you to complete?
  9. When I run I try to do it in the wilderness and have a good pair of shoes on, then its not as bad on the joints. :)
  10. Maybe that's my problem cheap shoes :D I hate paying a lot for shoes :/
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  11. Usually I walk 5 km per hour. I walk three times a day with my dog and I walk to the office as well so the sum of 10 km is divided in these walks. I try to do all my dog-walks in forests and I like to use barefoot shoes (I didn´t like their cost when I bought them).
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  12. I used to run about 3 miles almost every day, but as the weather got really humid this summer, I slipped out of that. It's now getting nice and cool, so I should get back into that.

    I just picked up swimming again recently and I swim about 2000 yards (I used to swim competitively and competed against Michael Phelps each year since I was 13--we're both originally from Baltimore).

    My goal is to run 4 miles and swim 2 miles again.

    Also I do 50 push-ups, 50 sit-ups, and 10 burpees every morning.
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  13. Yep. I don't have the best quality running shoes and it isn't the best on my joints. That's partly why I prefer swimming -- no impact on my joints.
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  14. You competed against Michael phelps? Did you ever beat him?
  15. I do hundreds of pull-ups every day - fork to plate, lift to mouth, repeat :sneaky:
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  16. Haha, I don't think anyone did. Even when he was 14 or 15, he was sort of a local celebrity in the Maryland swimming community. Most of the time, swimmers are more interested in beating their own times.
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  17. Wow, thats interesting that you competed against him.
  18. Today I surfed, walked the dog, did a few push-ups, played the guitar, and went for a bike ride. Of course, other than the push-ups, I don't consider any of that exercise, just life! That's also the reason I don't understand gyms.
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  19. I've heard that barefoot or minimalist footwear is better on the joints due to the naturally modified mechanics of the stride and foot strike. Then again, I stopped running when I stopped doing things to make the cops chase me.
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  20. I've heard that too. There has been far less tension on the joints when running barefoot.
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