Exercise For The New Year

Discussion in 'Fellowship Time' started by joshhuntnm, Jan 9, 2014.

  1. You're fancy.
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  2. Wow that's crazy.

    Yea I try to eat all natural organic during the week and then on Sunday it's a free for all... Like many big cups. So I drink proteins to curb appetite and keep my calories low.

    So gorillas dont eat protein?
  3. Not protein shakes.
  4. Haha yea but you said they have muscles but they don't eat protein I thought, like meat. Maybe I read it wrong...

    I thought you were saying there are ways to "bulk up" without protein.
  5. Are you sure you're not trying to bulk up? You have a lot of questions about it.. just kidding.

    Yes I believe you can bulk up by eating regular meals. You gotta be careful if you are going to bulk up though, you can get stretch marks if you do it too fast.
  6. Hahaaaaaaaaaa. No.
  7. How any woman would want to bulk up is beyond me. But I know they are out there..

  8. I have two Yorkshire poodles. Their names are Gaga for the girl, and Teko for the male.
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  9. AWWWW can you post a pic??
  10. Here's my Instagram profile. The two dogs pics are my dogs Teko and Gaga. They're cute aren't they?

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  11. I need to excersise more LOL

    Probably joining a gym is a good option
  12. If you don't have access to a gym, you could still do cardio to help stay healthy. Also throwing a tire around is becoming popular.
  13. Meal replacements are fine. Whey is purest form of broken down protein which is the best protein you can put in your body as a supplement. It's only bad if you abuse it; taking too many for multiple meal replacements per day, taking too much protein, etc. Like anything else you put in or do to your body, it takes balance.
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  14. Eat quinoa. Its considered a complete protein, which is rare for a plant source.
  15. Yay for whey
  16. I love it. But right now I have no kitchen due to a huge remodel. Can you make quinoa In The microwave? Lol
  17. I'm sure you can. It'll probably taste just as bad as if you cooked it not he stove!

    "But it taste like a dirty old tree branch"
  18. HAHAHAHAHAAAA what is that, a loofah?

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