Exercise For The New Year

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  1. How is the new year exercise going? What are you doing to move every day?
  2. Hi Josh,
    It was going great for me at first. I was lifting consistently everyday for awhile. Then one day I fell on my face. Got a big cut right above my eye, and my shoulder hasn't felt right for the last few weeks. Right now I'm debating on working through the pain, or letting it rest for another week or so.

    This weekend I am going to be doing a hike in desolation wilderness, which is near South Lake Tahoe. If there is enough snow, then I will climb to the top of Pyramid Peak, and snowboard down. If there is not enough snow then I'll probably hike to Aloha Lake.
  3. Exercising has been awesome this year! I have been working out consistently for the last 3 years so it hasn't been too much of a struggle to keep with it. Still trying to reach my goal weight of between 190-195 (not dropping weight, but gaining), and then tone down to around 185 or so. I think I'm at 180 right now so I have a ways to go yet. But just a few years ago I was at 150 (yeah, I was super skinny), so I think I'm doing just fine!
  4. I've been trying to stay busy with circuit training, but with my job (climb wind turbines) I've been pretty busy. I also have surgery coming up on my throat so will be out for a bit. Definitely hitting it hard after recovery.
  5. Stay in the 4 rep range if you want to gain weight.
  6. My body responds best to 6-8 reps and a weight gaining+protein shake. I don't know if I'm ready to give that another go yet though. Maybe in a couple months. It's hard to drink that chocolate snot 3x/day every day. Plus it gets expensive.
  7. Taking protein for muscle growth is a myth. You could always do pyramid sets. It might help for muscle growth. If you lifted a bit in the 1-2 rep range, I guarantee you will gain all the muscle your heart desires.

    Warning: 1-2 rep range can be dangerous, make sure you have a spotter when doing these types of sets. Also, you might get stretch marks from growing muscle too fast.
  8. Absolutely untrue. I would like to see studies that refute this. Protein alone will not do the job as effectively as protein containing the vital amino acids it takes to promote muscle growth. Also, it depends on the type of protein that is taken. I take a whey protein which has a biological value and utilization (among all other proteins) of 100%.

    The amount of protein absorbed based on the type of protein however, is up for debate because we all digest food a little differently as well having variances in how effectively we absorb nutrients.

    Protein is the building block of muscle growth so saying taking a supplemental building block for muscle growth is a myth is somewhat absurd. Please explain.
  9. A person could grow muscle without eating any meat, or taking any protein shakes. I've done it, and had results. If protein really helped with muscle growth like people think, then explain the muscle of a rhino or gorilla. They don't eat meat.
    Protein shakes are bad for you. The only supplement that you can legally buy that will actually have an effect on your muscles is monohydrate creatine. But I would stay away from all processed foods and supplements, because you can get the same results, or better without it.

    Heres a link:

    http://books.google.com/books?id=o6...Ag#v=onepage&q=protein myth navy seal&f=false
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  10. Don't worry, I was shocked too when I found out I didn't need to take protein shakes, and that I was only wasting money.
  11. I take my dogs outside for their walks. But when it gets nicer(if it ever does) I'm going to go for walks. Walking helps lose weight.
  12. I know what you mean. It's going to be a miserable 75 degrees out here in California. What type of dogs do you have? A good dog, will definitely keep a person in shape.
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  13. I don't think comparing us to animals who eat all day and exercise most of the day is fair so I'm going to stay away from that one. I think we both should have been more specific regarding protein intake. I take it as a supplement because my diet normally does not allow me to eat upwards of .8 grams of protein/pound of body weight (or 144 grams of protein/day). I'm probably coming in at around 160 grams of protein/day which is a little more than .8 grams/pound, so not a significant enough amount to cause damage to my kidneys or liver. I also cycle on and off from monohydrate creatine (which produces creatinine, which is toxic and can cause kidney stones/damage) to kre alkalyn which is basically a lesser form of monohydrate creatine but does not create the toxic creatinine in the muscles.

    So I would agree that excess protein is bad for you. It has to be based on that study you posted and other studies. However, taking protein as a supplement to get you to the max amount you can have before damage to your body takes place, not so bad for you.

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  14. What about these? ImageUploadedByTapatalk1395440556.328696.jpg
    Are these bad for you??
  15. I think if a person is eating a balanced diet, they will get all the protein they need. Vegetables even have protein in it.
    Are you trying to bulk up?
  16. My doberman loves to run with me and bonus-- no one can kidnap me ;-)
  17. Ew no I just use them as meal replacement sometimes. But that stinks if they are bad for me.
  18. I love dobermans and rotts. I should get one too so I don't have to worry about being kidnapped.
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  19. Well if you had cool running shoes like me then anything could happen...they're always after my Hokas.
  20. LOL. I mean technically everything is bad, if it's not natural and organic. It just depends on what the person is trying to do with their body. If a person wants to lose weight quickly, coke.. diet will get fast results. If a person wants to build muscle quick, then steroids is going to be the best option for quick results. Just keep it in moderation.

    Did you know during WWII the nazis confiscated the animal stock of the Norwegians people. They were forced to eat a vegetable only diet, and the result was all cardiovascular diseases dropped dramatically.

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