Every time I talk to Jesus

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by T Man, Nov 10, 2009.

  1. Every time I talk to Jesus

    Hi all
    I do not want to write what the Lord tells me in the forum unless helping someone in prayer or sharing some great news. All my chats with Jesus are going in my blog, I am using it like a dairy. You are invited to read my blogs, but i will not argue or coment on them. It as he gives it to me.

    PS Sorry for the bad spellings and grammers:smiley30:
  2. T Man. Amen to that, May God's blessing be with you.
    Don't worry about your spelling.... For if I didn't have my husband to help me spell no-one would be able to read what I wrote :smiley10:......love Jane
  3. I think it is good that you write what He speaks to you. Some things are also meant just between us and the Lord but I am sure you know the differance. I often have writen in my personal blog what the Lord speaks to me as well.

    Thank you for sharing, you never know what may be a blessing to some one elses life.
  4. Thanks Guys, I am in tears tonite. Jesus and me chatted for a while and it was great. Some of it is in my blog just posted it. Wow i love him so much.
    Thanks for your kind words, He knew i needed it after today. Many thanks guys
  5. hey T man.......I also cry when I talk to Jesus. I aint sad... just humbled. Sometimes sad but mostly humbled with tenderness from HIS pure heart. I can feel where you are coming from. been there done that, still doing that every day. :)

    BTW where is Perth? you look kinda hot in your avatar. If I did not say it before I say it now Welcome to CFS

    Chili out
  6. Perth is on the West side of Australia, but the photo was taken in the outback, it was 48 degrees in the shade on that day so it was hot indeed.

    MAny thanks
  7. Hey T Man,

    Looks like we're in for quite a hot summer. I haven't been to Perth although ive heard its got lots of lovely spots. Would love to make it there someday.

    Thankfully Melbourne don't go as hot as Perth, maybe unless of course there's another heat wave :smiley90:

  8. Yes, it gets hot here too, I have been to melbourne, my brother is a preist over there. I have lived in Hobart, Kingston beach and in Queensland too. But i do like Perth, come home to Perth every time.

    best reagards
  9. T-Man I really enjoyed reading your blog , Jesus is always near to those who believe and he indeed does hear prayer
    when your feeling down about how the world treats you know Jesus does understand fully , he was scorned ,spit on whipped unmercifully and accused falsely :smiley170: what our Beloved lord suffered was unlike any man suffered :smiley170:
    we are healed by HIS stripes , most do not fully comprehend Jesus does not take healing lightly ,he knows what he suffered so we may have the privilege and I know it is hard to be in the world and not of it , Jesus places all who listen to him on a narrow path
    and Jesus conquered death Hell and the Grave ,in him alone we can find refuge :smiley40: Jesus Loves YOU ETERNALLY
  10. Thanks, He does and I will always look to Jesus in all things, not just a few. His love is what drives me forward each day. Blessings to you and Jesus be with you and The Holy Spirit with your Spirit.

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