Ever thought of proclaiming gospel to psychics?

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  1. I always tell this to my wife while driving around the town. There are few places which thrive in US. Liquor shops, nails and psychic readings.

    Have you ever wondered about walking into a psychics' office or home and proclaim the message of gospel? While seeing one such place near my house, that thought came to me. All these days, I always looked at that place with some kind of fear. Some kind of fear of the darkness, evilness and wickedness of the place. But just this last time, this came to my heart and mind. I don't know why. I felt like those are places which the light within us need to expose. Such people also need to hear the truth and see the light. Have you ever wondered walking into such place?

    I have never thought about it seriously. I don't think I would in the near future. But I have no idea what God has planned for me :D
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  2. You have to be lead of the Spirit because they have a spirit that needs to be ejected, just like in Acts 8.
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  3. I absolutely agree. No questions there. The Spirit has to lead a person and empower the person. This is not something for everyone. But I am sure there are going to be some called for such daunting tasks as well.
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  4. Yes..well i dont know about the liquor stores but I used to be interested in psychics and the whole new age scene which I have repented of.

    Reaching them would be bit difficult cos they are deceived. Yet they are sad people like people who drink cos maybe they lost a loved one thus were either tempted to drink to forget their sorrows or go after mediums in attempt to contact the dead.
  5. I think..well you cannot cast out demons if they are not christians first cos the demons will only try to get back in. Which is why those that drink often stop but go back to it and its 7 times worse. If they are not saved.

    So proclaiming the gospel is a good thing. Jesus came to give us living water so that we will never thirst...and he also gives us eternal life so we dont need to worry bout the future. These are the two things that these people seek, but in the wrong way.
  6. Go to acts and read about how Paul confronted the diviner girl. I dont recall any passage in scripture that deals with alcoholics specifically bit I know other people say Jesus took away their desire to drink. I think maybe that comes from them confessing their wounds and Humbly asking Jesus into their lives.

    I dont know about people that sell liquor though. I once did go in a liquor store to attempt to buy some drinks I was having a party I was young and thought..people drink at parties maybe i should buy some drinks for them to have. (I was very naive). But the lady at the liquor store said i didnt need to buy any to have a good time. Maybe she saw how young I was..even though I was of legal age. I just wonder about liquor store owners and bartenders and other such drug dealers if it hurts their conscience that they make alcohol available to ppl even if they are of age since so many ppl die from drinking it.
  7. Physic reading are extremely popular in the UK too...never been myself however my mother has and said it was fantastic.
    There was a group of people from the local church encouraging people not to go near psychics and I agree to a certain extent. Playing with fire a little I think. :whistle:
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  8. I think..they say that to protect people who may be unsaved cos they will fall into the trap. If we place the whole armour of God on nothing by any means can hurt us. So if you are strong in the Lord and led by the Spirit, walking in the light then by all means dont be afraid to tell them whats what.

    The gospel is Good News. If they dont want to hear, shake the dust off your feet and move on.
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  9. Well said.
  10. Hello Ravindran and i hope you are well. Firstly a happy new year from Scotland and we've looking forward to fellowship with you this year. I haven't had time to read the other comments so i hope I'm not parroting another. I certainly agree with you, witnessing to those who deal with the occult was always something we were encouraged to not to be afraid of but at the same time, it was something to be respected and understood before moving forward in something like that. Someone said to me once that you will be a very successful Pastor if you learn and take seriously the fact that we wrestle NOT against flesh and blood but against powers and principalities and it's advice I've kept on board for sometime. I believe when we've came to the Lord in prayer and really examined His Word that He teaches us all we need to know about this area so we can walk into these situations knowing full well that we have the most scariest, deadliest, fearsome spirit dwelling within us, the one who makes the Demons tremble...God bless you and PS - God has big plans for you Ravendran...I've had the pleasure of fellowshipping with you in the past and you're far to valuable to be overlooked, your time is coming....
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  11. It's a vast area and IMO, you need to understand the motives and claims of the practioner to be able to show them where they are in error. Many claim their "gift" is of God and many believe this to be true. And nobody checks/tests the spirits they hear to validate it is actually of God. They have their own framework for belief and have a vested interest in showing they are correct - not you. As others have advised - let the Spirit lead you.
  12. In a way I agree.. But my perspective quite different.. Are we to proclaim the gospel to them in a plain and simple way. Not really engaging in a debate or even challenge them. Just proclaim the truth :)
  13. More than playing with fire! It is more like jumping from the pan into the flames.
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  14. "And Jesus said......the truth shall set you free".
  15. I would definitely try if one was in my area. I see it as on par with witnessing to prostitutes. They both likely have demons. They both have nobody who really cares about them and bothers to witness to them.

    I would just do it very politely. Go in, sit down and propose to her that you want to pay her her normal rate (plus) if you can sit and talk to her about Jesus.

    We need to try recall how we first met the Lord. We were all sinners needing Jesus to reach out. I would say that just the fact that you posted this thread Rav is evidence of God convicting you to do something for them. What's the worst that can happen? They say no and you leave....

    So what if they want to debate. God will give you the words when you there. Jesus doesn't jump out and abandon you. Jesus would pay them a visit. They can't be worse then tax collectors.
  16. Haha. The thing is Major that everyone today is so touchy and consumed with their evil lives that just witnessing to the unsaved guy at work is nearly on par with your example.

    Jimmy Swaggart said something I will never forget. ''When the people around us get more evil, Jesus comes closer''. Well something like that.
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  17. Psychics are proof of what PT Barnum quipped "there is a sucker born every minute".
    from antiquity:
    Cicero said he could not understand how two soothsayers could meet each other without laughing, knowing their mutual tricks to deceive men.

    I have spoken with new agers in the past, they tend to be completely deluded, and that makes it hard to have a rational discussion.
    Their and our world view tends to be at odds. i.e it's hard to discuss sin with a person who feels that it is a non-issue
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  18. Many moons ago, while still being (I thought) a Christian (and looking back - not a very good one), I "researched" and studied new age and occult practices. While I had many readings - 3/4 were free and the majority were literal "crap". I can remember only 2 stand outs and both of these were "free". I paid to see Peter Hurkos and I was one of the audience brought up on stage. He related an "amusing" (to the audience) incident in my life which while on stage, I had no idea what he was talking about. Friends tape recorded it. Afterwards, when I listened to it, I realized it was a real life incident where I was sinning (big time) and was an incident that only one other person had ever known about. The other time, I didn't believe it at the time I got it - information about another family member (nephew) doing drugs. I didn't see the danger then, like I do now nor did I have the knowledge I do now to change these belief systems. People making their living at this thru readings, charts, books, and speaking events are more or less not looking for truth. These belief systems are entangled in "spiritual" principles and false doctrines that are misleading to the every day Christian. And it's attraction lies in "hidden" or secret knowledge. The "unseen". Many "psychics" will tell you they are Christian and their gift is from God. Any "real" truth seeker, eventually drops out of these involvements because the "real" incidents of true/unexplainable incidents are rare and truly evil based. I thank God for protecting me from any worse stumbles than I made. The majority of these so called "spiritualists" have heard the message and rejected it. At least in my experience.

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