Ever notice in the movies...?

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  1. Ever notice in the movies...?

    ...all air-vents are just big enough for the hero to squeeze through and climb to safety?

    ...the main character can afford to stay in a three-story Queen-Anne-style Victorian house on her teacher's salary?

    ...there's always a loaf of french bread and celery sticking out of the top of each bag of groceries?

    ...John Wayne fires off one bullet and forty Indians fall over?

    ...cops always taste the white powder to verify that it's the real stuff?

    ...the victim will trip over anything that's in the way while the murderer just strolls along at a leisurely pace behind?


    Oh yeah! I forgot my favorite...and the bad guys always unveil their plans before leaving the hero tied up in a room with an "unnecessarily slow dipping mechanism". :)
  2. true faith.
  3. Bad gus are always bad shots!:D
  4. You see in Naked Gun (forgot which one) where O.J. is assembling his assault weapon while there's a shootout? He just keeps on clicking and putting it together. Then he has this little tank-gun thing by the time he's done.

  5. In movies where multiple bad guys are attacking the hero, they all more or less move about indecisively, in effect waiting their turn be be dispatched. They never just dog-pile onto the hero and subdue him. Well, except for the old "Hulk" TV series with Bill Bixby and Lou Ferrigno, that was David Banner's cue to turn into Hulk.
  6. Rumely! Thanks! That one made me crack up!:D

    Then in the movies, whenever the characters go to a prom or something, everybody knows how to dance and is out on the dance floor having a blast!

    In Christmas movies, the houses are always so well-decorated, but you never see them unpacking stuff and getting angry over it, pounding fingers with hammers and all.

    Whoopi Goldberg: "He ravaged me...and he ravaged me, and he ravaged me! Then he left for six hours, and when he came back...And When He Came Back!? What was you still doing in the house???":D

  7. ROFL!!!! TOO true!
  8. I'd stun Bones and trade shirts with him. (he he he):D
  9. i thought that before! why not all attack at once lol
  10. The lives of movie characters would be so much easier if they would just pay attention to the background music.

    Random character hears funny rustling noises, reaches for doorknob. Intense, ominous, disturbing music. "Uh, maybe not." Puts chair against door and leaves.
  11. Yep, it's like swimming and hearing the Jaws music- a sure sign it is time to get out!!!:D
  12. Oh Bro Larry! I lived in south Florida at the time Jaws came out!! Waited 2 or 3 hours to see it. I'm known as the "water rat". I love the water...beach or pool. I couldn't even swim in my pool after that movie without fear for years!! :eek:UGH!!!!:D
  13. I can tell you this sis- I did't even want to get wet after watching that movie for the first time- it evoke fear on a primal level!!
  14. Yeah, like closing your eyes while taking a shower!!!!:D
  15. The first "Jurassic Park" is what did it for me. All that CGI stuff was pretty new then and I hadn't really watched any movies of that type before. That night I had to work in a grocery store late at night all by myself. I had the willies all night long.:ph34r
  16. What's starting to get boring to me now is the two CGI armies running across an open field towards each other. Or so many CGI arrows flying through the air that the sky becomes dark...

    Okay, okay, we've seen it now! Can we move on to something new now?!:p
  17. I was about 8 or 9 when Jaws came out. I was playing around in the aisles when my parents took me to see this.

    Mom said when the scuba diver swam up to the port-hole and this head popped out, she heard a high, blood-curdling scream from the aisles. It was me.:eek:

    To this day, I swear, I'm terrified of the ocean. Even driving down to it from way up high makes me panic. I can't look at pictures of whales or sharks or anything under water. Seeing the tips of rocks under dark green water gives me the horrors something bad!

    Good thing I live in the middle of a desert!:(
  18. Ever notice in the movies...

    No matter what sport is being played...

    -ping pong
    -arm wrestling

    ...there's a local radio station nearby that's broadcasting a play-by-play?:eek:
  19. ...like in the movie Clockstoppers (and other stop-time-movies), when they activate the device they're able to slow down time or stop it all together.

    ...but they're still able to move around. Okay, if they stopped time and everything around them comes to a stand-still, wouldn't they be frozen, too?

    The air is filled with atoms and molecules. So if you stopped time, these would freeze in place too. It would be like they were standing in solid air. They wouldn't be able to reach their devices again to make time go normally.

    Just the kind of stuff I think about.:p

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