Ever heard of His Radio?

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  1. Ever heard of His Radio?

    I ask this question because today I purchased a new Radio/CD player to replace the one my son ruined a few months back. I pulled it out of the box, plugged it in and set everything up. I cut on the radio so I could try and tune in KLOVE. Well, when the radio came on, it was on "Radio Z" which is a part of His Radio. It's a Christain radio station that's based in South Carolina that plays contemporary, Christian Rock, Christian Rap, etc. The cool thing is I feel that God placed this radio station on here out of the box for a reason, and that's for me to listen to Christian music while doing the dishes. :D But the problem I have is I looke donline and there is no logical reason why I could be listening clearly to a station that's based in SC, when I am in North Carolina, about 30 minutes from Virginia!!

    Has anyone else listened to thsi station that could offer up any details as to how this could occur? Or maybe it's just that they're expanding and I just didn't know it.
  2. There are tower like things with some stations that allow stronger singnals called a translator. That or satallite radios can also do that. But, you didn't say it was a satallite radio.
  3. That's cool.

    The "translators" can repeat a radio transmission but sometimes we can get "farther away" stations due to sun spot activity. It magnifies the radio waves in a way and we can pick up stations that we normally cannot.

    I was in Michigan; near upper peninsula and could still pick up a station from Clevelan Ohio (Moody),
  4. That's what I thought too. I checked it this morning and it was still clear, only the programming was Sunday sermons from various pastors and the like. I popped a CD in because I like music in the mornings.

    My wife and I decided that it may end up being like KLOVE, in that they are broadcast somewhere in California, but substations retransmit way out here. Which to me is a plus because Air One is not out here, and Z was playing some amazing stuff last night.

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