ever felt it is unfair to obey God?

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  1. I don't know about you guys, but I have to admit, there are many times when it comes to obeying God, the inner five year old in me is literally screaming out " this is not fair". This inner child always seem to come out when things that are harder to obey, such as love one's enemy, bless them and do not curse, and always approach your brother and trying to seek reconciliation , especially when they have done something vicious and may not feel particular apologetic.....

    and I think to make the whole thing even harder is the reality most Christians, if they are being honest with themselves, is that they themselves ignore those commands in their daily lives more often then they are willing to admit, but it does bring out the inner five old in me, stomping me foot at my Dad, and ask Him why I should obey Him, when so many of mine siblings around me aren't doing it.

    now I am not condemning anyone here, because when it comes obey God on the hard stuffs, I will be the first one to put my hand up and admit I ignore them far too often. The best I can manage at this point is not to return evil with evil, but I cant remember when was the last time I try to overcome evil with love. I mean I have started to pray for people who have hurt me, but still, praying is a start, but translate into actions? I don't know......

    but lately I have been pondering on Galatian 6 9 'Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up" as well as 1 Corinthian 14 HisManySongs often quotes "Go after a life of love as if your life depended on it—because it does"
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  2. Good honest post.. I can relate to that. Honestly, the inner five years old is going to scream that even if we are 100 years old! There is always another voice inside of us telling what is fair. That is the voice of Holy Spirit. What matters is, whether we listen to the inner five year old or the Holy Spirit. We should not become weary of yielding to conviction of Holy Spirit. It is Holy Spirit who can give us the desire to obey God. But we have to yield to Holy Spirit. There will be times when we won't. But the still voice is not going to leave or forsake us. It will always be with us, reminding God's ways.
  3. Every time someone cuts me off! :LOL:

    Seriously though when you do what God would do, show love to hatred, someone else will see that some day and literally see God in and through you. As you give God the glory, He'll give it back to you, not for being obedient or worthy, but because He knows you won't steal it from Him!
  4. I also think that most everyone can identify.
    Taking a simple one like loving our enemies. I don't believe it is possible to grab our boot straps and jump over the moon. I think we have to know we have before we can give. I think if we could really see our position 'by revelation' we would have no enemies because we would be looking down with pity. I also think that some of the requirements 'to be separated from the things of this world' are now only sometimes accomplished on a death bed when the earthly things are really loosing their hold on our lives. But I believe we are in the closing age of all things and God will have a bride without spot or wrinkle and so He knows how to do it. I believe all Christian ages looked forward to the time we are living in, just that alone should do something for us. Amen & Amen
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  5. I think..we shouldnt compare ourselves to others..cos then we tempted to lower our standards and go, if its ok for them its ok for me too. But unbelievers have no standard. they cannot submit to God. we can, and also, John says in his letter that his commandments are not grievous. The two commandments are simply believe and love.

    If. You do the commandments in the proper order..eg love God first and then others with Gods love second, it is easier than doing it the other way round trying to love others in order to please God and make Him love us when he already does. he loved us first.
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  6. There is no doubt it is not with our love this can be done. God alone is good, and he alone is love with which he loves the unlovable through his Church which is us. Learning to walk in the Spirit is a life long goal for each and every believer. A young Christian would find this very hard to do as opposed to one who has been saved a long time. The greatest blessing is when we see God loving these hard people through us as he alone is our life.
  7. I think that the hardest part is like you said, when we know that God wants us to forgive someone when they have not asked, or even when they have and our flesh wants to still be mad at them. In the past it was very difficult sometimes to let go of bitterness. And walk in Love, after someone hurt me. Even now when someone offends me, i just want to blast them, but instead i try to find a Bible verse or hymn or something to divert my attention. Because in all honesty i really do want to please the Lord in all ways and show Him how much I love Him.
    Blessings and peace to you all!

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