Ever Done A Bible Study Like This?

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  1. I was meditating on this verse today:
    1 Corinthians 14:26 (NIV)
    26 What then shall we say, brothers? When you come together, everyone has a hymn, or a word of instruction, a revelation, a tongue or an interpretation. All of these must be done for the strengthening of the church.

    Imagine a bible study where everyone brings a 5 - 10 minute piece--a highlight from their quiet time or something God has been speaking to them about. . . what would that be like?

    Anyone done anything like this before?
  2. Yup, myself and my wife run a small group (cell group - what ever churches call it these days) once a week. We often prepare a small message, based on the Sunday sermon, for people to really engage with what has been taught in the church. We encourage people to begin with a testimony or a song or actually anything God has been saying to them in the week. Sometimes the meeting takes on a completely different angle from what we have prepared. We usually just go with what the Holy Spirit is saying - it is absolutely incredible how much comes out when people just let the Holy Spirit run the meeting.

    I must caution - we have had times when people come with their own agenda and try and take over the meeting. This is usually common with new members - who for some reason or another seem to want to teach their own theology instead of just participating and having fellowship. This is where the leader needs to step in and lovingly redirect the time back to what God wants. We have had on one occasion a leader of a satanic cult infiltrate our group under the disguise of being a Christian - very different when they actually sit in your lounge than when we meet them here on the forum. Anyway God is a God who protects and he didnt last very long - Satanists get very uncomfortable when they are surrounded by people who just worship Jesus and have no other agenda's.

    I would really encourage you to start bible studies in the manner the Bible suggests - it may take some time for people to get comfortable with the fact they have to actively participate - but it starts with the leader. Be spontaneous, listen to what the Holy Spirit is saying.

    May God bless you in your group.
  3. YES! WE do it quite often especially on Sunday evenings when the crowds is smaller and more intimate.
  4. so what do you do with the people who want to take over the meeting?
  5. seems like it would work best if people knew ahead of tme--so they could be prepared to share something. No?
  6. Nothing wrong with letting people know ahead of time.
  7. Absolutly!
  8. I attended a church during my college years which operated on that principle. There was no official order of worship, no bulletin with the songs listed in order, no set prayer time. The elders took responsibility for overseeing the meeting and preaching if need be, but everyone was encouraged to share what was on their hearts, request songs - even just lead out in a song, bring instruments to share in the worship, request prayer, etc. Of course, this works best with a smaller group - it would be a bit unwieldy in larger groups.
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  9. Rumely--I take it it was a positive experience?
  10. the bible study I used to attend does this, ask when happened to us in the week or how our day has been,
    pretty cool

    in fact many churches I've been too do not have testimony time, this church I go to have testimony where people give their testimony of what God did for them in a week.

    so yes it is important to have these things
  11. Yes, it was. I only wish that I had had the maturity and perspective at the time to have taken full advantage of the format both for my own edification and for the benefit of the fellowship. Nevertheless, it was a valuable experience in helping me to learn how the Body functions together.
  12. My husband & I used to have a home group. I used to prepare CD's for praise and worship and my husband prepared a bible study plan. When we group together, we always start with prayers allowing the Holy Spirit to lead each one. Then anyone can show their testimony, a word from the Lord, a problem that a person is going through or a song.
    Most of the times, we do finish up with the bible study but sometimes we don't because of a need for a brother/sister who is going through a crisis.
    We had a special bond. There was openness, trust & unity. Because of that special bond, we even called each other during the week to see how each one was doing.
    It was a wonderful experience.

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