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  1. is there a thread or forum on how to minister to street people? I don't want to take away from this here thread.

    God bless you
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  2. If you start one then there sure will be.
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  3. amen

    i get the best results when i ask God to cause me to be Spirit-led rather than me trying

    it seems to me that one way is tapping into God's power and the other way is tapping into my own ability which is severely insufficient

    God Bless you my dear friend
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  4. wow

    what an awesome thing

    supporting you in prayer over this
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  5. JIm, what would be the proper place for a thread like that?
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  6. It's exciting... I love all of this.
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  7. General would work and draw more attention.
    Looking forward to the thread.
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  8. As born again believers, we are All to be Spirit Led. That's one of the things Jesus was teaching us when He walked on this earth.

    It's not that we need to find a reason to not do something but rather Need to be Spirit Led to do it.

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  9. thank you.

    I am humbled by the truth of that message Jim

    *tears in eyes*
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  10. The OP has a very good question.

    In response to this, I want to share what happened after I read this thread earlier today and then left the house.

    I talked at length with a man volunteering at the hospital and he told me all about his upcoming surgery.

    I listened and supported him and then reassured him everything would be alright, and then said, God, bless you. His eyes lit up and he looked hopeful. He is about 75 years old. I've never done this before, but felt spirit led today to reach out to someone and just spend time talking with them, getting to know their name and then telling them gby.

    I had to make a stop before going home, and I met an older lady outside the business. She made small talk with me and we broke into a long conversation about the world and how she's scared to drive anymore bc of all the road rage and people who yell at her. She was about 75 years old as well.

    She talked about how times are different than when we grew up, and she spontaneously took my hand and said, "Hi, I'm Janet, and I will pray for you." I introduced myself then, and I could feel the holy spirit right there and then with us both. The moment she took my hand, looked into my eyes and said I will pray for you, we were connected.

    This holy spirit blowing through me and making eye contact and speaking gods name is new for me, but terribly cool!

    I really feel that it all got started by the seed that was ignited in me today, by reading this OP before I left the house.
  11. This happened to Jim (fcj) and I one day... we had church in a parking lot by a dumpster. Glory to God... those are surely precious times!

    Blessings to You! What an awesome day you have had, may you have lots more!
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  12. wooooo whoooo

    this is an awesome Holy Spirit thread

    did you know that Katherine Kuhlman started speaking/teaching about the Holy Spirit - just talking about HIM and who HE is? - and healing miracles just started happening in her meetings as an unexpected result

    she didn't teach on healing - she only talked about the Holy Spirit and HE filled the room with healings

    God is so amazing

    my favorite scripture is Malachi 3:16 - those who loved the Lord talked of the Lord and God heard them talking and He commanded a book of remembrance to be written of the things they were saying about Him

    God loves when we talk about HIM

    loving all you precious people

    God Bless you all
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  13. That made the second or third time a total stranger spoke something they saw over me. All were of the same !!

    It's getting very interestingly exciting lol
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  14. yes, these are precious times

    and more so, these are pivotal times

    people are looking for hope

    for answers

    total strangers on the street

    want to know

    and hunger for

    the living God

    I so want to ask them to let me pray right there and then

    But how or what will I pray?

    I am not good with words

    I want to hold the Janets and the Henrys (man at the hospital) of the world and say

    "Father God,....."

    then what shall I say?

    Please help me with what to say
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  15. You got it right, just a tad out of order.
    Father what shall I say? Help me to speak and give me utterance.
    "Thank You Father" for my words.

    Then just speak what comes from within, from your heart or another words your spirit.

    It's when we keep asking as begging because we "think" we don't know what to say and begin speaking we don't know what to say, that we hear not and have nothing to say.

    Soak your day in prayer the night before and before you leave. Pray in the Spirit and Trust God and His Word.

    You will do well button
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  16. That is so awesome. One of our preachers at church discussed this one time. He referred to how we are so busy but do we ever see what is going on the peripheral vision.. example. elderly people just needing your time, prayer, comfort. That's so awesome. you did exactly what he said we should be doing...... i am very encouraged.. i want to do this to. thanks so much for reminding me. thats a great thing that happened to you.
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  17. thank you, coffee drinker

    if you really want to do more, you shall, I believe with the help and guidance of the HS
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  18. Thank you so much for your help.

    I wasn't thinking of asking God for help, and this is a great thing to do!

    your prayer is so simple: "Father what shall I say?"

    and then to thank HIm for the words.

    so, it seems an easy 2 step coffee drinker:

    a) ask God for help on what to speak

    b) thank HIm for your words

    Before going to someone, without thinking, I have been saying this prayer to myself, "come Holy Spirit come," and I keep repeating it
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  19. You are born again Spirit Filled correct....
    Well then the Holy Spirit is there and Always there.

    How about help me to be more sensitive unto you Holy Spirit so I will be led of you.
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  20. I like that.
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