Evangelizing With Comic Books?

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  1. Just wondering what people think of this method of evangelizing - have you ever encountered any of those little comic-book like tracts out in public places or in phone booths?
  2. We can get more and more creative every day with how we evangelize to people because of the advancement of technology and other communication mediums. I would say that if it brings people willingly to the Lord and His Word, who am I to argue the medium in which they get there? For example, books on spiritual warfare brought me to the Lord.
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  3. I'd love if they had good Christian comics. I have Action Bible, The Manga Bible, and The Book of Revelation comics. I haven't read Action Bible, but I have read all of Manga Bible and bits of The Book of Revelation. The Book of Revelation is probably the highest quality of the three though.
  4. I was thinking specifically of the giveaway tract-sized ones which are left in public areas. I've found them in phone booths and public washrooms. They don't always look like Christian-related material, in fact that may be the idea - they look like little comic books on the surface.
  5. I never understood that, why 'trick' someone into coming to the Lord? I don't know if it's necessarily trickery, but that's what I get out of it.
  6. I don't know that it's intended as a "trick" but to attract interest in the subject for people who've never bothered with it.
  7. I understand, that's just what it looks like to me. I'm a bit sensitive to stuff like this because when I was first coming to the Lord I had a very warped and fleshly view of Him. Reading 'about' Him in other literature for newer brothers and sisters or those coming to/close to being saved is very different then reading His actual Word IMO. I had to unlearn and relearn A LOT of who and what God is. I wasn't able to do that until I was able to actually sit down and read His Word. The Lord works differently in all of us, especially when bringing us to Him. Maybe I'm being selfish in saying that I would rather other people not have to go through what I did, but then again, I'm obviously not God.
  8. As long as they are not those horrid Chick tracts.

    Those will paint us as filled with venom.

    A graphic novelisation would be better.
  9. Oh? I don't see Chick tracts because I live in Canada, my understanding is they are banned in our country.
  10. God love the Canadians!
  11. I had to google chick tracts. I see these and similar ones all the time. They have the sinner's prayer on the back. IMO these are cowardly attempts at evangelism. It's so impersonal to leave these in the bathroom stall for someone to read. I'm all for sowing seeds, but you've got to nurture the plant you've sown after the seed is planted. Leaving a comic in the crapper doesn't accomplish this as far as I'm concerned.
  12. When I was young these things were all over.

    Defaming catholics as the whore of babylon.
    Attacking yippies peace symbol as an upside down bent cross and therefore satanism in disguise.
    And then saying computers are the beast.

    And many hateful anti-semitic things as well. They were horrid little things back in the day.

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