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  1. I live in Indonesia, where the majority are muslims.. They pretty much act like they own the country, despite there being a law for equality to the 6 recognized religions (being Islam, Hinduism, Buddhaism, Christian (Protestant), Catholicism, and Confucianism).

    Evangelizing here would be like piloting a kamikaze plane straight towards Allied Battleships in World War 2.. At least I think, perhaps some are more open minded and such to hearing the gospel, but I won't count too much on it.. Right now I'm gathering my courage to take that leap of faith, as it is commanded for us to go make disciples of Christ. And persecution is just a normal part of Christian life.

    Anything you guys can say to ease my mind into this? Words of encouragement maybe? Perhaps scriptures that tell us it would be easy (that would be of a big help :whistle:).

    Sorry for the unserious tone, I'm trying to channel my nervousness away..
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  2. Yeah that is definitely a rough situation. I would try to find local Christians and talk to them about it, they might be able to help and give encouragement. I know their is one guy in my church who goes to the Middle East to proselytize though, I wish he could respond for you! I have enough trouble spreading my faith atm and I live in America, i'm working on it though. I don't avoid spreading my faith, but i'm not as open as i'd like to be..(I have anxiety though so it's a little harder for me than other people to open up). In my case I am afraid of being judged, even though lately i'm slowly getting over it, I know it is an irrational fear and not something I should worry about, it is still difficult to conquer but i'm working on it and God is helping me out :)

    I think even though we might seem like 2 people on different sides of the spectrum that our situation is very similar which is why I mentioned my problem. I really do think you need to find local Christians though because it would make things much easier for you. I think you are on the right track though and I can sympathize.

    God Bless
  3. What kind of evangelism are you thinking of?

    I want you to think about the fact that our steps are lead by the Lord Psalm 37:23. He puts us where He wants us to evangelize and gives us the tools to do the job. We have peace and strength. We can jump the gun / take our own initiative, most of us do, nothing wrong with it, but our ideas are not always effective. Though never wasted! as God's word never returns empty.

    Example: We are a hot knife that is able to cut through any hard and cold butter. But only if its turned the right way. A hot knife turned sideways achieves nothing. (not best example I know, but only one I could think of :p).
  4. Mmm.. U're making a good point.. So I need to trust more in God that in my own will?

    Though what God is Love wrote also rings true.. Maybe all the while I should work on my character, so I can be bold enough when the time comes?
  5. You can't work on your character and get bold enough / prepared for when the time comes. That is not how you must look at it.

    God puts you where He needs you and gives you strength / boldness when you need it. Wherever you work or are after hours, witness to those there. Do 'outreaches' with a church / other Christians. Personally I would rather recommend you help out at a homeless shelter instead of harassing Muslims in their suburbs.

    Muslims need to respect you before you can reach them. Help them in need and they will give you time to talk to them. They have heard the gospel plenty. Trust me. There are many books among Muslims on why Islam > Christianity.

    If God has called you to convert many Muslims with public speaking....He will do something like He did with Angus Buchan in S Africa. Google him / watch his movie. A few miracles from humble faith launched his ministry. It is unlike most in that its not the cart before the horse. Lets face reality and be honest with ourselves, most times we are guilty of cart before horse / pride!
  6. So what I have to do is let God guide me?
  7. You must focus on being in Christ 1 Cor 11:31, Phil 2:12. Then He will guide you. He opens doors for us. We don't bash down doors. Though as I said in my first post, we can, its no train-smash. It does go with youth and sometimes God sees our desire and works with it.

    I guess if your heart is right, it doesn't matter what you do. As anything > nothing. Just, that is a big issue...'if your heart is right'. How many times is it pride? I would say 99%!!
  8. @Timothy Hans Kurnia
    What a blessing to read your opening comment! It's obvious the Spirit is already moving your heart! My wife and I have been blessed to work across many cultures. This is some of what we would say to trainees:

    Priority #1: Aggressively pursue your relationship with God and defend it from decay and distraction.
    Matthew 22:35-39. God first, then others. Too many ministers I've met get so focused on their ministry goals or identity that their personal worship and prayer relationship becomes badly neglected. mmm. that's too aloof. It's not a me vs them thing. I struggle with this too. Battleground number one for everyone.
    Priority #2: Find and commit to love and care for Christian peers.
    Galatians 6:9-10, John 13:34-35. In your ministry to others, brethren first then out-reach. Learning to love your brothers and sisters in Christ through the flaws (yours and theirs)with tenacious, selfless, unintuitive, often-undeserved, sometimes-irrational love is one of the first steps in learning to submit yourself to the Spirit of God. If you haven't learned to do this, don't expect to be able to display Christ's love with any consistency to the unbeliever. Also, when spiritual warfare erupts (as it will if you endeavor to evangelize) being closely connected with other Christians will help you with the support and accountability you will desperately need.

    There are books, seminars, year-long bible college or seminary courses, and more all on evangelistic strategy, even specifically evangelism to the House of Islam and I've seen some good come out of many of them. But no strategy is as important as those first two tenets. Every failed missionary we've ever encountered could trace his fall back to forsaking one or both of those priorities.

    Resources: --It's good to know the answers to common questions and very necessary to have a grasp of how to explain your faith, but remember most of that will mean very little to a person if they don't trust you. Love, respect, and pray for them first.

    www.mahabbanetwork.com - This is a group that focuses primarily on ministry to Muslims in the West, but they still have excellent resources, and a very responsive staff if you were to e-mail for advice. I've been very impressed by the fruit of this ministry.

    www.the-good-way.com - This site has been recommended as a good source for addressing some common questions and presenting the gospel to Muslims, though I have not looked at it myself. I believe that they have specifically Indonesian resources as well.

    I also know a few people ministering on Java and could pass along your contact info if you like.
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  9. Well it is the largest Muslim country on earth so...if some Muslims act like they own it...they...don't! Trust me on that. Even though it's the largest Muslim country on earth, it's very much run by a secular government, no different than in the US....despite all the God believing people who live in both countries.

    You have every right to spread the message (if the country allows it). Indonesia was not a Muslim country everyone know that. And no Muslim army ever conquered it militarily, forcing Islam down people's throat...that didn't happen. The Muslim trader went there (as they travelled to China), and won the people's hearts and minds with the way they conducted themselves.

    Put your faith in God almighty and He'll protect you I'm sure. It's all about having sincere intentions. And only the One will know what truly lies deep down within your heart.

    I wish you all the very best Tim.

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