Evangelizing At Men's Recovery

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  1. Dear brothers and sisters;

    Thank you for your prayers. The men have responded to the teachings and are learning that the recovery is not merely a stopping point until they get back to the community. They are being built up for ministry through chores, serving one
    another, Bible studies, other class studies, going out in the community of San Francisco and delivering food and sharing the Gospel. In the evenings the men host dinner when the guests are invited in for a hot meal.

    They are closely supervised, and sadly, some men have dropped out. But the ones who have remained are encouraged to persevere. My brothers are receiving all the love and prayers so they can reach that time when they graduate.

    I am so pleased to share that some of the men are now attending our church services and one or two of my church family are going with me as I teach which blesses to the men.

    Please pray that our brothers will continue to progress and graduate in beginning of 2018 through July.

    God bless you all!
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  2. Dear brothers and sisters;

    The men are encouraged to leave the center on Sundays and attend church services. We made arrangements with the director to have up to 7 to attend our church service. Meantime, a couple of my church family now accompany me when teach on Tuesday mornings. One of the members brings her guitar and leads a couple of praise songs. The men receive this time of praise. Our Elder also interjects during the topic being taught and will pray to individual men afte class.

    Please pray that the men will be able to work out transportation in their van each Sunday. The director has approved this but it depends on the availability of the driver.

    God bless you all, and thank you!
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