Evangelists needed

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  1. Evangelists needed

    If you have noticed it, I have a new area called 'CFS Outreach Ministry' and an 'Answers' forum in this area where non-Christians can post their questions. All posts from member and non-members fall into a moderation queue and are approved by our staff.

    For this new area, I created a new position called 'Evangelist'. An evangelist's role would be to approve/disapprove new posts and provide answers to the questions from non-members. An Evangelist is a sub-moderator for this area only and does not have access to our staff room. It's a role with minimal responsibility created just for the Outreach area.

    If you are interested, please contact one of the Moderators or Helpers regarding your interest. You should be active on Christian Forum Site and have a sound Biblical knowledge or experience in outreach programs.
  2. Hi Jeff,

    I'm interested.


  3. I will humbly like to take that duty of the Lord.
    greetings and love dear Jeff.
  4. im interested
  5. Thank you RevLynn, Christperfect and Chris.H your interest in the position. I'll be talking to the staff about it and I will give you all an update within 1-2 weeks. I need this time to finish some pending work before I can fully concentrate on setting up the Outreach area.

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