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  1. I was wondering if anyone with experience giving the Gospel in a third world country would share the avenues they used to tell others about Christ.
    For example...
    Door knocking,
    open air market preaching
    teaching in schools

    From September of 2013 - August 2014, I had the privilege of serving in Sierra Leone and as I consider my next step I would enjoy reading about others evangelism experiences.
  2. Hi Grits4Jesus,

    I have not experienced giving the good news in a third world country, however I believe a key to wherever we are is - relationship. Let the Holy Spirit lead you to one or two people. Build a relationship & learn of their lives. When trust is built then they will open up to you. When they come to know the Lord then they have immediate access to all their friends & family that you might never reach. Also there then would be two or three of you reaching out, plus encouraging each other.

    I believe one of the most important things in evangelism is the mentoring afterwards. The young believer needs to grow in hearing the voice of the Holy Spirit amid other voices & not rely on their own strength. Many lessons in life are needed to help bring that person to maturity by the Holy Spirit.

    All the best as you reach out, Marilyn.
  3. I used my trusty felt board with pictures I could attach to it. This worked tremendously in just about every section of the community we ministered in ~ Slums, Orphanages, Universities and small out lying villages. I also had an interpreter which really helped nail down the salvation message. Bless ya!
  4. The language of "love" needs no interpreter.

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