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Evangelism ¿ Say What

Discussion in 'Evangelism' started by Fish Catcher Jim, Sep 17, 2016.

  1. Greetings Everyone,
    I thought it would be interesting to learn how everyone views this word called

    So how about writing down what you believe Evangelism really is.

    Thank You and have a Blessed Day!!

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  2. Evangelism is spreading the Gospel.
    Letting the Holy Spirit guide you to help others know Him, often by telling them softly about what the Lord has done for you.
    Doing your part, as the Holy Spirit leads to prepare their hearts for accepting Him and His intercession on their behalf.
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    This scripture comes to mind every time I hear or read the word "Evangelism"...

    "Therefore, go and make disciples of all the nations, baptising them in the Name of the Father, and the Son and the Holy Spirit" - Matthew 28:19.

    I believe that Evangelism is about proclaiming the Good News to whoever needs or wants to hear it. It's about being ready and available to share the Gospel of Jesus. I believe you also must be obedient to God's Word, study and muse on it and also be (Holy) Spirit led for when the opportunity arises.

    Evangelism can take part anywhere, anytime, anyhow. It's important to meditate on God's Word in order to do it, and that what you share/preach aligns with the Word of God.

    But remember;

    "I (Paul) planted the seed in your hearts, and Apollos watered it, but it was God who made it grow." - 1 Corinthians 3:6.

    Therefore we must remember that even though Evangelism may come at the initiation of the Evangelist but what's important is that only God can convict and convert that persons heart through the workings of the Holy Spirit and only God can make that seed (heart) grow.

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  4. Thank you Siloam Melizza
    For your replies. I had hoped to get more members interested in this thread.

    Reason being is quite simple.
    Most folks hear the word evangelism and right off think big ministries or far off places but in All Truth......
    Some of the very best evangelizing is done right in your own back yard.

    Example........ throw a cook out and or picnic and invite neighbors and cashiers from your every day and some close personal friends.

    Make a day of......can you believe they did that for every one day. Don't need to push religious views, I mean it's not a forum but a day of peaceful relaxing fun.

    You would be amazed at all the doors that begin to open both there and then and down the road.

    There are so many ways and I wanted to turn this thread in that direction.

    Did you know some of the best evangelism has been done by some one just walking down the road and jumps in to help some one doing a strenuous task? Oh yes !!

    The Love Of God
    So thank you for your replies
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  5. Telling people about God.....although I personally prefer to talk about it when people ask. :)
  6. Still wondering what is the difference between an "evangelist" an disciple of Christ. I mean I know there were given apostles, prophets, evangelist, pastor and teachers but we all are called to share the gospel so isn't that the calling of an evangelist?
  7. As you said...every person is called to share the hope of the one who lives inside of them. And we all have stories and experience that can be beneficial to God getting to or touching a person's heart. Sometimes we have the ability to say or share things that can specifically relate to the person we are talking to (which is why it's so important to be sensitive to the Holy Spirit). And God sends us because the person we are talking to is having difficulty receiving from people who have never walked in the same situations they are or have been, that has left them hurt or bitter or just angry or turned off by God, because they hold Him responsible for the bad outcome of the situation.

    But an evangelist has a gift to speak to multitudes and have mass results. Like Billy Graham, or Reinhart Bonke. An evangelist carries an anointing that can speak to a crowd, and is yielded to the Holy Spirit who does the convicting of people's hearts. They have a gift to draw a lot of people....but it is not necessarily by their testimony, but by the preaching of the Written Word of God.

    I suppose you could say that each one of us can be used in the office of an evangelist, but that usage is normally on a personal or one on one level. Because each one of us has the Holy Spirit living in us, and those whom are yielded are used. But I believe the difference of the gift is the quantity of people saved at the same time.

    Abundant kingdom Blessings to you and yours
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  8. That's true. Thank for sharing!
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