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  1. There has been way to much fighting amongst people who claim to be Christians and full of the Holy Spirit.

    May I draw your attention to the following Scriptures:

    We a re short staffed at present and are not able to monitor threads as closely as we would like.

    Members have been reporting posts, but they read like siblings telling on each other.

    I will be using the Dislike/Disagree buttons and be issuing warnings. And I will be giving timeouts for excessive fighting.

    If I come across a fight, I do not have the time to read all the posts leading up to it and will issue warnings to all involved.

    Please act like the followers of Christ you say you are. Go back and re-read the forum rules.
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  2. I wish there was a Standing Ovation or Applause button.
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  3. I appreciate your time, HisManySongs. Hopefully we can stop with any of the fighting that's going on. Sorry if I contributed to your headache in any way :)

    Perhaps you should make me a mod and let me sort all this out ;)
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  4. I agree with you and I'm sorry for my part in it. I fully expect debate in many areas of discussion but it's getting out of hand.
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  5. You can use this one:
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  6. How about this? I use it sometimes!

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  7. Please make Huntingteckel a mod!
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  8. Please support our Administrator and team by keeping your discussions civil and friendly. We are all mature enough to avoid childish behavior. Heated debates are not welcome here. Thank you for your co-operation so far.
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  9. Thank you.
  10. Friendly recommendation. Instead of getting rid of the rating system completely, what about temp-banning those that abuse it?

    It's in the user permission section here:
  11. Post ratings have been removed.
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  12. I actually LOVE the removal of the rating system because of the abuses, which I hate to admit has caused me a lot of emotional pain and I have shed tears over it. It gets in the way of honest discussion and/or debate. It adds fuel to negative emotional fires. I do like the ability to AMEN a post that is outstanding, however!
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  13. That's probably for the best. As Euphemia said, some people really abuse it. I'm not super concerned about it, but it is hurtful to realize that you are in the top five for negative ratings, and especially when all those negative ratings came from two people. Doesn't seem fair.
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  14. Father Lord.. Please forgive me if I have stepped out of line and hurted fellow brothers and sisters in anyway.. You have called to be one body and not divide among ourselves.. The basic commandment you have given us is to love each other as we love ourselves.. As a fallen man, I have not kept it all the times.. Cleanse me once again.. Like David sang, renew a right Spirit within me.. In Jesus name.. Amen
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    Removed attack posts again from this thread. They won't be tolerated anymore.
    Instead of posting about individuals in public, please contact one of the moderators. Thank you.
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