Enough outlets??

Discussion in 'Humor' started by PreciousPuppy, Apr 13, 2010.

  1. Enough outlets??

  2. You couldn't use all those. The house would explode :D
  3. wow indeeeeeed! that's a lot!
  4. Dannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnggggggg, girl, your circuit breaker should be sizzlin' and poppin' now!
  5. He he .... That's funny .
  6. Actually, only a dozen of them are functional and the electrician forgot to write down which ones.
  7. Hey y'all...you want puppy to let you in on a secret!??? THAT'S WALLPAPER, aaaaaaahhhhhhaha:) got 'cha.

  8. I could tell it was wallpaper, I was just kidding. But I was thinking it would be hard to find where the real ones are LOL
  9. Well, that's where a good memory would come in handy sweetie!
  10. And a good map.
  11. hahaha! not only the outlet will explode but your house! hahahah! nice pic!!!
  12. If it were real, yes you betcha the house would indeed burst in flames..especially if Chili was on his computer, heheheeee.
  13. I am!! I can hear my fans kikin in hard to cool the circuits down. You know I jus up graded again. I see everything in 3d. You got 1 plug that don't werk. call the electrician fast!:smiley180:
    I like that wall paper a lot. :smiley10: Plug me in sis!!

    Chili out
  14. Okie dokie..roger wilco.
  15. that's funny :D

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