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  1. Absolutely correct my friend.
  2. Exactly.

  3. Hi Major,
    It is not always what is being taught behind a pulpit as much as it is, how it was perceived. Too many times a pastor thinks it went well but in all truth you end up with so many views on what was said.

    Another big reason we have believers that have walked for many many years with Christ and have not ever she'd their Spiritual Pampers is because believers Fail to apply His word to their lives.

    Sunday Christians don't grow or produce much fruit.
    However those who get a copy of what was taught Sunday and listen to it all week long over and over and seek God to show them and actually get into His word other then Sunday church day, well these people grow non stop and see results.

    Easy to blame the church but really? Why not say it like it is.....People today refuse to take ownership or responsibility for their actions or learning to walk victoriously in Christ by Doing The Word.

    Hearers only get no place fast But Those who hear and do actually grow and produce fruit.

    Look at folks today.......repenting or asking forgiveness Includes a list of excuses which totally ruins a true repentance. Failure to own up.

    Blessings Major
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  4. The issue is that too many listen to theorists preach who they themselves have never experienced what they dismiss as secession regardless of what the word of God says. (yea... you're gonna need to read that again) :D
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  5. This was a mistake to read now. Ohhh I just got done with Sunday dinner and here you come with this. Ugg bro do you know how uncomfortable it is to laugh this hard with a very full belly?

    Oh well it still says truth
    Blessings brother
    I am FCJ and I approve this message
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  6. You are preaching to the choir my brother.

    IMO, preaching is important but Bible study is just as important. During a preaching service, it is a one way street from the pulpit to the pew. However in a Bible study group setting where everyone is encouraged to participate, the Holy Spirit will bring out all kinds of questions and situations which He knows will bless and benefit all who are there.
  7. I agree with you.
    Most Christians start "hot", cool quickly, then settle in for nothing.
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    Agreed my brother. It seems to me that when people reject the truth of God's Word, no matter how pointed or convicting it is to us individually, then anything that sounds good will be accepted.

    That is the only reason I can think of that would drive believers to liberal churches when the Bible is never read openly or Jesus Christ is not the center of every single sermon.

    The example I would use would be the people who lived in the days of Noah. They refuse to heed the warnings given by a man who preached the way of righteousness. They deliberately choose to remain in darkness. Noah had certainly preached to his contemporaries, but when the flood came “they knew not”. They knew all right; they had heard the message. But inasmuch as they did not want to know, their ears had been shut to Noah’s saving message.
  9. Hi @Complete,

    One of my favourite scriptures - to know the Lord more & more. I personally believe that Christ the Head of the Body, by His Holy Spirit is building & maturing the Body of believers. Some people get tricked & measure what the Lord is doing by numbers in organisational meetings, or looking at other`s lives, but I have a great confidence in our Lord that He will accomplish what He said.

    All over the world believers are growing to maturity in Christ & coming to understand more of His purposes. These people are operating in their daily lives listening to the Holy Spirit & being guided by Him. We will never see all of them as they are `everyday` people & not `lording it over others` or on the news. But one day in glory, at the Bema seat of Christ, what God has done through them will be visible & acclaimed in public (Body of Christ) view.

    regards, Marilyn.
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  10. I live in John,Romans, and Ephesians.
    Is that acceptable?
  11. 'Therefore leaving the principles of the doctrine of Christ,
    let us go on unto perfection; (or completeness)
    not laying again the foundation of repentance from dead works,
    and of faith toward God,
    Of the doctrine of baptisms,
    and of laying on of hands,
    and of resurrection of the dead,
    and of eternal judgment.
    And this will we do,
    if God permit.'

    I did a study of Milk and Meat trying to understand what was being said. The items listed here that "We are to move past" seem to me to be very serious. So I came to the conclusion that "Milk" the the theory, the teaching we learn. The "MEAT" is get off the pew and DO IT!! I think the problem is we spend to much time with theory and FAIL TO GET THE JOB DONE. The work is not perfected, or complete until we are mature enough to DO WHAT GOD SAID.

    Just my opilion.

  12. Greetings Steven,

    Just a friendly reminder to please use the bold or color feature to highlight the words you want to stand out.

    Some people feel it is yelling if they see all caps, so we here at cfs have been asking that all members refrain from doing so. (Rule 1.3)

    Again you are not in any trouble....just a friendly reminder
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    Hello Steven Eubanks,

    Thank you for sharing. :)

    This verse marks an important moment in my life,'in Christ'. I sat, having listened to it being read, in a pew, among others, yet I might have been alone, for the word was speaking to my spirit.

    I knew that I wanted to go on unto maturity in Christ, to leave babyhood behind, but the words, 'If God permit', felt almost like a physical restraint at that moment. I was very aware suddenly of being in His hands, and that He knew the way I was to take, but it was to be in His time.

    It would lead to a walk with Him, a separated walk, and the loss of all things, yet the loss of nothing. Christ became all-in-all. I would gain assurance in the completeness of our position before God, in Christ, and learn to walk, in Him. Having no righteousness of my own, but the righteousness which is of God, by faith.

    God's workmanship. Accepted in the Beloved. I follow on that I may know Him, the power of His resurrection, and all that Phil.3:10-12 says. In His time. The desire to do so is all - for the work of attainment is His. The goal already achieved - because His work is a finished work.

    Praise God! - Praise His Holy Name!

    I hope this makes sense.
    In Christ Jesus
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  14. I hate to have to say this but There are times when we need to SHOUT YELL HOLLER to get sleeping Christians to hear the truth. The idea that I may have "Yelled" the truth dose not excuse not seeing the truth at all.

    I will try to remember to use Color . But, I will not promise not to YELL at times.
  15. ,,

    YES, You did what I was saying you Got Up and did the work,
    There is more to Christian living than knowing the theology. {Milk}
    Christians must get up and do it, live it, tell the world about Jesus.{Meat}
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  16. Well then I can Not Promise that you won't get any points or a temporary time out. It's your choice.
  17. Steven,

    Have you heard of Thom Rainer? He says Christians are too comfortable at church;
    they want to be served rather than to serve. Also, they are failing to "tell the world
    about Jesus." This convicted me. So, I began to witness to people on the street and
    at the yacht harbor. Thanks for the reminder!
  18. I heard a story a few years ago about a new preacher coming to a church. He preached and preached his 1st sermon and everyone was blessed and excited.

    Then on the 2nd Sunday he preached the same sermon. Everyone was kind of questioning themselves.

    Then he did the same sermon the 3rd and 4th Sunday. It was then that the head deacon asked him why he was preaching the same sermon over and over and when did he think he would move on to something else.

    He said....I am going to preach the same sermon until everyone understands it.

    The word in the Scriptures from Paul is "preach". Preach means to "Proclaim". Personally, if I am at church and the preacher does not raise his voice I question his sincerity.
    But that is just me. I like to have a preacher get excited when he preaches. To me it says that he actually believes what he is saying. But again, that is just my personal opinion.
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  19. Amen my brother. The job of any preacher is to make his congregation "uncomfortable".
  20. I agree i have a lot of Christian brothers who are preachers or who i know about from youtube

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