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  1. Sunday, March 02, 2014, 7:29 a.m. – the Lord Jesus put the song “Why Are You Afraid?” in my mind. Speak, Lord, your words to my heart. I read Isaiah 53-54 (NIV).

    Our Message

    Our message is the message of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Isaiah 53 is a prophecy concerning Jesus Christ. Our Lord left his throne in heaven, came to earth, took on human flesh, suffered as we suffer, and was tempted in like manner as we are tempted, yet without sin. He was not Mr. Popularity. Everyone did not love him. Although he did go around healing people and delivering people from demons, and he fed hungry crowds on occasion, and he certainly was filled up to overflowing with love, kindness and compassion toward the people of this world, still many hated him. His own brothers, people he grew up around, and those of his same faith did not believe in him. They were not naturally attracted to him. He was not one of the “pretty people.” Although he did draw large crowds of people from time to time, he did not pattern his ministry around the goal of attracting large crowds of people, and by today’s standards, he would not be chosen to be on stage as a crowd pleaser.

    Pierced for Our Transgressions

    Not only did Jesus suffer much hatred, rejection and persecution during his time of ministry on this earth, but the religious leaders of his day had him arrested, flogged, mocked, spat upon and hung on a cross to die, as though he was a common criminal. Yet, he willingly went to the cross for you and for me. He died so that we might be free from the penalty of sin (eternal punishment in hell), free from slavery to (the control of) sin, self and Satan day-to-day, and free to love, worship and obey him in the power and strength of the Spirit within us. His death and resurrection brought us peace with God, and also internal peace in our hearts through trust and faith in Jesus Christ, our God, who is completely sovereign over our lives and who holds all things together in his powerful and loving hands.

    Even in the midst of great suffering and turmoil we can be at peace in knowing that God is in control, that he has a plan and a purpose for what is going on in our lives, and that he will work all things out for the good of those who love him and who have been called according to his purpose (See Ro. 8). It was God’s will that Jesus should suffer and die for our sins. And, Jesus said that his followers would share in his sufferings. In other words, we should expect to be hated, rejected, despised, not desired of humankind, familiar with suffering, crushed, persecuted, oppressed, afflicted, misrepresented and falsely accused, as well as we may be called upon to be killed for our faith and testimony for Jesus Christ.

    Do Not Hold Back

    Before Jesus left this earth, he told his disciples that they were to go and to make disciples (of Christ) of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, teaching them to obey everything Christ Jesus had commanded them (See Matt. 28:19-20). He also told them that after he left this earth he would send his Holy Spirit to indwell his followers, and that when the Holy Spirit came upon them, they would be his witnesses throughout the earth (See Ac. 1:8). As well, Jesus told his followers that they are to be lights for him and for the gospel to the world around them (See Matt. 5). Light is the opposite of darkness. God is light. Jesus Christ is the Light of the world. Light is truth. It is righteousness and holiness. The gospel is light. So, we are to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ throughout the world so that many people may be saved.

    Yet, going along with being lights to the world, being Christ’s witnesses, and making disciples of Christ of all nations means we will be hated, mistreated and persecuted just like Jesus was. Yet, we are not to be afraid. Our Lord is on our side. He will never leave us or forsake us. He is not unconcerned about our suffering, disengaged from our circumstances, or oblivious to our trials. He is also not impotent like false gods and idols of humankind. He is right here with us, he is holding us together, he is supporting and strengthening us, and he will give us all we need to make it through all the difficulties that may come our way due to persecution coming at us from those who hate the light.

    We should never let the rejection and hatred of others keep us from sharing our faith, but we should stand strong, run with the gospel and tell the world that Jesus loves them and that he died so that they might be saved from their bondage to sin (darkness) so that they can come into the Light. We have no cause to ever fear the threats of those who hate the Light, because they may kill our bodies, but they can’t kill our souls. We should always be prepared to give an answer as to the hope that we have, and to do so without fear. We should be careful to lay up for ourselves treasures in heaven, not of this earth. Amen!

    Why Are You Afraid? / An Original Work / December 5, 2013

    Based off Various Scriptures

    Do not be afraid.
    Your Lord is always by your side.
    Serve the Lord in righteousness
    Before Him all your days.

    Those who hate the light
    Will not come to the Lord.
    They fear their deeds
    Might be noticed.
    So, they hate the light,
    And they embrace the night.

    Do not be afraid,
    Although your enemy attacks.
    Dare to share your testimony
    Of God’s saving grace.

    Do not fear their threats,
    But honor Christ, your Lord.
    Be prepared to give an answer
    For the hope you have,
    With gentleness; respect.

    Why are you afraid?
    For all that’s hidden will be shown.
    What I tell you, speak in daylight.
    Let the truth be known.

    Do not be afraid
    Of those who’ll take your life.
    Fear the Lord with understanding.
    Trust Him with your life,
    And give not up to strife.

    Do not be afraid.
    Take courage, it is I, your Lord.
    Bow before Me; now adore Me.
    Oh, why do you doubt?

    Listen to the Lord.
    Get up, and bear His name!
    Run and tell the world He loves them.
    Jesus came to save.
    Give Him your all today.


  2. My son bought a 300.00 Calculus book. He had it Fed ex Over night for 35.00 That was to read and study as he is fascinated with math. Mind you He is not in college but graduated all his courses with straight A's.

    He was telling me about this Calculus book and how fascinating it was. It was boring to be because I have to assume His IQ is much higher than mind and he can appreciate such things.

    My son also finds the Bible fascinating even more so than his (GEEK Books) because it matches science and He see's a awesome creator in Math and all science.
    The bible is the most interesting book that I read over and over. Revelation upon revelation is fascinating.

    Though my IQ is not as high as my Sons, it's High enough to value the bible as the most interesting book on the planet.

    I can only assume someone that does not value the bible has an IQ far lower than mine. That means they do good to just remember to breath.
  3. It is written... For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Jesus Christ for it is the power of God that brings salvation to everyone who believes.

    It is a whole new world to KNOW Jesus. Jesus wants YOU to know Him.

    Just Prayed for you.
  4. Dang! I had to read the OP 3 times before I realized that whatever post you are talking about was removed. :ROFLMAO:. Sorry to say it but anyone using the word "bored" has me deducting IQ points - there is too much to know and too little time to know it. The Bible is the most complex and fascinating book ever! And I have read literally thousands plus (books). It's one of the only books I can reread and still find I missed something. And if there was ever anything worth obsessing over that would be my only answer.
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  5. Makes it a little confusing now with the post removed to which you were responding, so just noting that your reply here was to someone else who is no longer here who called the Bible boring and questioned why we obsess over it. Just didn't want there to be any confusion. Thanks.
  6. Curious here, Sue - did you have Foolish (great nick lol) post removed? Just wondering so you don't have to answer but if he/she gets banned we lose the chance to change their foolish heart. (sigh)
  7. Guess there already was, though. Maybe when they remove posts they should remove the replies which go with them so it is less confusing.
  8. Yes, I agree with you there, as I was not responding to a (at that time) non existent post.
    It is a great pity that your OP has been messed up a bit by non germane comment.
  9. I would edit mine as I don't find anyone offensive, but just consider them lost. However the edit button option has expired for me.
  10. Well, I have read many of Sue's posts, so when I read your post, Calvin, I already understood there had to be some misunderstanding and I eventually arrived at it before other posts. It's ironic that the removed post echoes what the original post was about - spreading the word under hostile conditions.
  11. That is a good thought and one that crossed my mind, as well, yet is that what was happening here? I mean, did everyone here respond to the posters' hostility by spreading the word? Too many times I have witnessed such situations where the hostility of a non-believer is met with counter hostility and/or with the trading of insult for insult, and then the believer loses his or her opportunity to truly win that person to Christ because he or she allowed the non-believer to bring him or her down to his or her level, and then the hostile person got just the result he or she hoped for, I believe. As well, what I have also witnessed is these types of posts back and forth between the non-believer and the believers often turns ugly and goes on for pages and pages of hostile comments until the OP is shut down by the moderators, and then what is gained? What lesson did we then ultimately teach the hostile non-believer? How did we then shine our lights to the world?

    I agree that we should not fear hostility and we should continue to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ even in the face of threats against our lives, yet I think it wise of us to not let the hostility of another bring us down to the level of trading insults but rather we should be lifting up the name of Jesus and we should continue to share the gospel and to not give up. So, did we lose an opportunity here to win this person to Christ because the moderators removed the individual? Perhaps, and so a lesson can be learned from this experience. Yet, had the conversation been allowed to continue, do you suppose he or she would have been won to Christ if what he or she received in return was tit for tat? Maybe we can all learn from this how better to respond to hostility in the future. I know I am certainly taking this to the Lord in prayer, asking him what my response should have been, especially in the light of this lesson from Isaiah 53-54. So, I thank you for calling that to my attention.
  12. That is Valiant and all, but we don't cast pearls to swine and don't waste our time with someone that does not want help.

    Answer not a fool according to his folly, lest thou also be like unto him. Answer a fool according to his folly, lest he be wise in his own conceit.
    (Pro 26:4-5)

    We answer him according to what? his OWN folly.

    Jesus often did this to the Pharisee's and it just made them more angry.

    And ....... There was ZERO chance anyone here would have won him to Christ had the conversation continued, we can scratch that idea.

    What most of you did not see, but what I responded to was another post of his he started. It stayed up for about 3 minutes before my post and his post was deleted. It was that post that Got his posted deleted here.

    That post had the F%$# Word and other words in it, and some very lewd things about girls and ministry. It was that post that Got him banned, and If I was a Moderator, I simply could not let that person continue, considering I have young ones on here and sensitive people.

    Be blessed.
  13. I didn't see the original post but I ask myself, always, why someone is here in a Christian Forum, if not deep inside, they want to hear a believable message from believers. I have seen several posters (believers) strike harshly at non-believers who wander in. Not all of these encounters end badly, depending on who posts and whether they are really Spirit lead (believers). I can see the point of mockers who are only reading their own type, finally being banned but I don't know whether Foolish was a new member but I can't locate him/her now. Some non believers can be changed. There are some really amazingly knowledgeable and good posters here.

  14. Hey Michael (waving) - that changes things considerably.
  15. Was the post to this thread as hostile as the other? Where was the other posted? Curious. Do they remove all posts to someone banned?
  16. yea, that other post was way over the top, and it was that other post that got the guy removed. There is an option for Admin to ban and to remove all topics and post started by the user. So, it was not this thread that was looked at, but by default when you ban an offensive person, you remove all their post just in case you miss one so you don't have to hunt through the forums.

    But, it was that other post and it was pretty awful.
  17. I looked up Proverbs 26:4-5. On a surface read, it appears contradictory. I remember writing something on this previously, but I must not have saved it. I found this writing on-line: http://www.gotquestions.org/Proverbs-26-4-5.html. I thought it expressed it well, and it fits with this whole situation here of how we should or should not respond to someone who is mocking God and scripture and Christians and our faith and who painted him or herself in the image of the devil. Disclaimer: I just found this post online. I have no knowledge of the people who wrote it and this is not an endorsement of that group or their site. I just thought the writer handled those verses in Proverbs the best of what I have read so far. We need to pray for and exercise much wisdom in knowing what to say, how to say it, and when not to respond at all, so that in all things God gets the glory and not our flesh.
  18. Interesting link Sue - it seems to say when the remark is insignificant - ignoring might be best. Of things considered significant, ie: God does not exist - reproof is almost required - an attempt should be made to enlighten for the questioner and all reading/hearing the remark. They said not answering in fool's folly is not to reduce down to their level. Gonna say I totally agree.
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  19. Might be best not to say a thing as answer not a fool according to his folly is the scripture above.

    Jesus answered the Pharisee's, when they accused him of saying they are blinded and they said we see, then Jesus said, since you say you see, then your sins remain.

    It is a good thing to study out as we are to minster grace to the hearers. Problem is we are told not everyone has ears to hear.

    We are told to be in season and out of season. A Word in Season is a Word that someone is ready to receive. A Word out of season would just be encouragement though they are not ready to hear the answer and take action.

    Whatever the case, it don't matter what we say if the person is not in a place to receive it.

    You Might ask the Mods to delete everything not related to your OP as not to contaminate your work and efforts.
    That would be starting at my post under yours and down.

    If you see another lesson here though that is also important then just be led.

  20. The thing is, that person posted something that was pretty lame only, but it was the info he posted in his profile that said it all for me.
    the person is sick but I don't believe he wants help. Furthermore it is rude in the extreme to come to a forum of any flavor having a different perspective and then preceding to ridicule those for whom that forum exists.
    Furthermore, in this case, the person was not up for help. If he had said "I'm not one of you, but I have this problem.......can anyone help me out here?" Then Sue, as you say he might be able to receive help, but not the way he came here.
    The Holy Spirit has gifted some of us with discernment and others should be slow to criticize the exercise of those gifts. When there is ill advised judgment amongst us we do more harm to the gospel than the act that occasions judgment don't you think?

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