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    Today, the US played the national anthem for the Vatican in the welcome ceremony today. Blasphemy?

    Exo 20:3 "Thou shalt have no other gods before me."

    none anthem lyrics (English translation)
    O happy Rome - O noble Rome
    You are the seat of Peter, who shed his blood in Rome,
    Peter, to whom the keys of the kingdom of heaven were given.
    Pontiff, You are the successor of Peter;
    Pontiff, You are the teacher, you confirm your brethren;
    Pontiff, You who are the Servant of the servants of God,
    and fisher of men, are the shepherd of the flock,
    linking heaven and earth.
    Peter (Francis), You are the vicar of Christ on earth,
    a rock amidst the waves, You are a beacon in the darkness;
    You are the defender of peace, You are the guardian of unity,
    watchful defender of liberty; in You is the authority.


    Pontiff, you are the unshakable rock, and on this rock
    was built the Church of God.


    Peter (Francis), You are the vicar of Christ on earth,
    a rock amidst the waves, You are a beacon in the darkness;
    You are the defender of peace, You are the guardian of unity,
    watchful defender of liberty; in You is the authority.


    O happy Rome - O noble Rome


    Anthem starts at 1:06
  2. Ugh. Definitely, ugh. How hokey...really.

    Jesus is the Rock, and the Defender, the Shepherd of the flock, and the beacon of Light for us all. Jesus is our authority!
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  3. Clearly Catholics don't see it as such.
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  4. I do feel sorry for them, they don't know any better. There are a lot of Christians in the Catholic church, but they don't know the way just like 41,000 other denominations. Those that truly have a heart for God eventually find the truth despite what the think they know. For He is the truth and the life and all that seek for Him shall find Him. Religion sends more to hell than those who've never heard the name of Jesus the Christ.
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  5. I have never played my own National Anthem in my house,even though I play a table top organ.They sing psalms,I sing psalms.Anthems are for politicians to hide behind.
  6. Deut 32:4 Tells exactly WHO is the ROCK.
    "He is the rock,his work is perfect ,for all his ways are judgment, A God of truth and without iniquity, and just and right is he"

    When Jesus said "on this rock I will build my church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it"
    It clearly was not Peter he was reffering to who having spoken the truth about the Lord one minute "Though art the Son of the living God" then spoke on behalf of Satan in the next so much so that the Lord had to serverly rebuke him. "Get behind me satan"
    You cannot build an eternal church on a man who is of the dust of the earth .
    You build it on the one who gave his life to the church .

    in Christ
  7. The original lyrics by Allegra 1949-1991 were certainly better.

    Italian lyrics translated into English:

    O Rome immortal of Martyrs and Saints,
    O immortal Rome, accept our praises:
    Glory in the heavens to God our Lord,
    And peace to men who love Christ!
    To You we come, Angelic Pastor,
    In You we see the gentle Redeemer,
    The Holy Heir of true and holy Faith;
    Comfort and refuge of those who believe and fight.
    Force and terror will not prevail,
    But Truth and Love will reign.
  8. We do need to put ourselves in a Catholics shoes when reading this.

    Catholicism 101 = Peter / papacy are on earth to care for the church of Christ.
    Catholicism 101 = Jesus / the cross is on the main stage in front of the church. Not Peter, not the pope.

    Though I am sure many Catholics will agree that some words do push the boundaries.
  9. Better in what way?
    It is if any thing Jerusalem that is immortal.Not Rome .
    All the praise belongs to God .Not Rome.
    Angelic pastor? Even the devil can cast himself as an angel of light .
    it is God who says " COME" and it is to God we go.
    Dressing in white and putting on a 'humble ' attitude is deceptive .
    The Pope is not heir of anything but the errors and traditions of men that " make the Word of God of none effect"
    The good fight is not in the defense of the Roman church and its errors . But contending for the faith that was once and for all delivered unto the saints"
    The church that Jesus Christ is building will give hell a hard time and the GATES of hell shall not prevail against it .
    Force and terror has bene the Roman churches perrogative when it has the 'liberty'
    The only true statement but misaplied.

    in Christ
  10. :) I am not going to argue with you. Some of those lines are terrible.

    All I can say is that us being non Catholics see what is wirtten as a worst case scenario. Whereas Catholics have it a bit watered down as they know what they are getting at. It is not worshipping God < Rome or Pope > Jesus.

    Now sure this is concerning because it is the ''anthem'' of the Vatican. I am going to blur things a bit now and use miss direction. While we are on the subject of bad songs, what about some of the ones we sing at charsimatic churches? I can't sing many songs that are sung there. It has got to the point where I refuse to ever go to a faith / charsimatic church again in my life (cough cough ;)). I can't ''bear'' most of their praise and worship sessions. Give me 'Catholic' hymms over that anyday!!!!!
  11. Cutting off the leading of the Holy Spirit in worship is only hurting yourself. God doesn't live in a box, and neither should we.
  12. I was born in Norwich and was raised church of England and was confirmed by the bishop of Norwich in the cathedral of Norwich .
    I went there some time ago for the first time in over 30 years or more .
    So I went to the cathedral for a visit . it is a very beutifull building .
    But as I went in and looked down the long aisle towards the alter . I was grieved and saddened as I did so as I understood and saw all the obsticals a man or boy for that matter would have to overcome to get as it were to God in that church .
    Imagine all the more when I took a tour around the building and saw a throne behind the alter positioned up so high above the alter for the /a bishop to be enthroned on .
    Man is exalted rather than God .
    A far cry from the ministry of Jesus who did not even ascribe his goodness to himself . But to the father above .
    Now we have men who claim to be the vicar of christ enthroned and crowned by men carried about on the shoulders of men and to whom all men are supposed to bow to and kiss the ring.
    They crucified Christ. They killed all the prophets and all the Apostles save on e.John who if tradition is right was put into a vat of boiling oil but could not kill him for God had some other purpose for him.
    Paul considered himself the off scouring of the earth. Like when you cook lamb in a stew and all the 'stuff' comes to the top of a seething stew and needs to be scoured off .
    As for ecumenical songs who said I was enamoured by them either?

    People make all sorts of excuses I do not believe God is so accomadating .

    in Christ
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  13. They that worship God must worship Him in SPIRIT and in TRUTH "

    That is in line and conformity with the Word of God "Thy Word is truth"
    and the Spirit of truth .

    In Christ
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  14. That's what I experience in worshiping God. Not so much in a Catholic group.
  15. I am not going to disagree. There are many that do. But then we have the flipside. Those that go mad and need a DJ to replace the Holy Spirit. Paul was clear on order in the church.
  16. So, you think that a congregation worshiping the Lord with abandon---together---is not order? To the Lord, those who refuse to enter in are out of order.
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    Worshipping God by standing and singing hymms > Worshipping the Lord with reckless abandon (at church only) > worshipping God in the flesh.

    Most of the congregations I am referring to worship God in the flesh. I cannot get into it as a result.
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    Who but you would attach the word, "reckless"???

    I doubt that your interpretation of what you think is the flesh is accurate.

    You reveal your heart.
  19. 1. Many say that the way David and the Israelites worshipped God when they recovered the arc was with reckless abandon. This is taught and encouraged at many churches. I am not pioneering the idea I promise you ;).

    2. Oh I definitely think it is. I wonder how many pastors have thoughts of cancelling meetings due to the sound equipment not working.

    3. I should hope so. I have nothing to hide.
  20. Yes, just as I thought. All others are not as righteous as KingJ.

    Reckless is not a word to use to describe the glorious worship of David.

    I know not one pastor---and I know MANY---who would even think to do as you suggest.

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