Endless Summer

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  1. Australia...good beach weather and bad for bush fires.
    Antarctic oscillation brings a record breaking run of hot weather as capitals break 30C [86F]
    Well, it’s not all SAM’s fault but SAM must take a huge chunk of the blame.
    What is SAM, you say? It’s the Southern Annular Mode. A fancy term for the wild and biting winds that shoot around Antarctica. Currently in a positive phase, it’s left us to bask in a record breaking run of hot, clammy days.
    And it’s been some record. In Sydney, the city has now sweltered through 32 days straight of highs above 26C, breaking — by some margin — the previous record of 19 days in a row which occurred in 2014. It’s not much better at night either with only two nights in February dipping below 19C. Sydney has already had two heatwaves in 2016.
  2. In England we have experienced some heatwaves that we are not used to.
    England is known to be dismal in summer, however this year we have had some very hot weather.
    I think this increasing temperature is normal now; after-all, the planet is warming up.
  3. Time for every single one of us to start living more eco-friendly. We're killing the earth.
  4. I think I have to disagree with you here.

    The earth is dying because it's old...and according to the Bible...there is nothing man can do to destroy it. Yes there are ways to take better care of it, but it's lease is almost up, and therefore it's dying, it's resources (that God has given us) are being used up. That is why God is going to bring down a new heaven and a new earth after He gets rid of the devil and his followers.

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  5. Well we are running out of finite resources and “renewable” resources.

    Of a valuable finite resource such as oil, it seems to me that people will go to war and kill one another for control.

    With regards to “renewable” resources, we are capable of using them faster than they can renew, eg. we have over fished and we have carved up rainforests.

    To compound matters we pollute the environment.

    In short, if God challenged me asking “and how have you people cared for my planet?”, I wouldn’t be able to answer “we’ve simply used up the resources you graciously provided”. I’d have to answer something a long the lines of “I think we were late in realising what we were doing and but I have to confess that I believe that we have made a thorough mess”. And I feel more and more that I ought at least to be "greener" than I am in practice....

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