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  1. ..my issue isn't interpretation but something else..bur ill tell the dream anyway ...

    Basically the wheather was out of control, it was flooding and snowing at the same time... Water was coming over the roof tops of houses..

    It was so bad my parents and I couldn't go home so we slept in the car.. And the rapture hadn't begun yet... Anyway it felt like its gonna happen soon..

    Now my question is... Why would God give me this dream?..

    * What am I gonna do about the upcoming issue?( I have no way of getting to another chuchr..after my experience ..im not going back to my old church... So idk if God wants me to read and just...pray..idk if that'll be enough to save me though)

    Also , why is it that when I pray for something else m..i get these end time dreams... When I ask for something totally unrelated ..like I asked ," why did what happen to me happen, will my life get better..and boom...an end time dream... Idk why the Lord wont answer my initial prayers? But give me end time dreams..like I know ita coming..but I cant do anything about It if you dont fix me...like what can I do?
  2. Dreams are rarely to be taken literally. Please consider that the Lord might be showing you what lies ahead for you and that he is in control of all things. Please prayerfully consider that he may be showing you that there will not be a pre-trib rapture, but that he will allow the church to go through this time of testing to come on the earth in order to revive his church and that it will be both a time of great evil but also a time like the day of Pentecost where God will pour out his Spirit in a mighty way and his church will be revived. See symbols below:

    Whether - which one of the two; expressing a doubt or choice between alternatives; expressing an inquiry or investigation.

    Weather – climate – environment, atmosphere, situation, conditions, circumstances – could be political climate or spiritual climate or just a situation someone is being faced with.

    Out of - indicating the source or derivation of something; from among.

    Control – regulator, power, rule, management, command – could be political or spiritual in nature.

    Flood – inundation, outpouring, engulf, submerge,

    Snowing – I thought of the verse where it says, “Though your sins be like scarlet, they shall be as white as snow.”

    Water – thought of Holy Spirit and streams of living water here.

    Roof – an upper limit, top of something, a covering over a structure – structure – organization, formation, shape, building – development, house, making, fabricating

    Bad – evil, wicked, corrupt, immoral

    Home – heaven, family, establishment, homeland

    Slept – periodic suspension of consciousness during which the powers of the body are restored – maybe representing revival

    Car – vehicle – channel, intermediary – like Jesus is our intermediary between us and God the Father.
  3. Have you thought that maybe with all that's happened/ing to you, the Lord is saying, "Trust Me. I'm coming soon. Don't worry about this stuff."

    That's the sense I got from your experience. Just a thought.
  4. How, I did that before and got burned by my pastor.. I dont know what to do..expect read and just pray that's it ..I hope God doesn't expect more BC I literally cant give any more than what I'm able to do now.
  5. God needs NOTHING from you dear sister, He only wants your trust. :D
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  6. :)
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  7. I dont take all my dreams literally lol..some just resonate with me...i might get a journal to record them.
  8. And may I add Love.
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  9. Just for my conscience sake I must relay some truth over to you. Once it is known that you are moved or bothered by dreams, the enemy the devil will oblige you with the most realistic religious spiritual dreams that one can imagine especially when people keep insisting on God will give you dreams in the end times.

    I am not saying God can't or won't just saying be very mindful.

    I feel prompted to share this with you.
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  10. Yes I know... Maybe you're right...i guess I won't give too much heed to dreams.
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    Something to remember is that the devil can hear you ask questions if you are speaking them outloud, so be prepared for answers that do not come from God. That's why it's so important to only accept answers that line up with God's Holy Word. Try to get in the habit of asking the Holy Spirit to speak to you through the Word(Bible) when you read it. Meaning He will usually make a verse "pop" and something will resonate within your spirit as truth. It's like you will know whatever is said is from Him. It bears witness or finds peace within you.

    Another thing that God had to teach me not to do anymore is to say idk. If you say I don't know all the time...your brain will not recognize the answer when the Holy Spirit speaks within you. The Bible says that unto you (all of us who are believers) it is given to know the mysteries of the Kingdom. And in James 1:5-6 it says if anyone asks for wisdom, God will give it to them, and He does not get mad if we ask either.

    It will take you practicing and reminding yourself a lot about not saying idk...but in the end it will be worth it. You will stop feeling confused and out of the loop, you will start hearing answers. Try saying I am His sheep and I know His voice a lot. And when tempted to say idk..say I have the Holy Spirit living in me and He has promised to give me wisdom or the answers. Jesus at one point says that the kingdom is inside you. Therefore the answers are already in you because the Holy Spirit is in you, and He never goes away.

    Don't worry about church right now, God can direct you later to where He wants you to be. For now concentrate on reading His Word and getting to know Him, through knowing Jesus and His personality and characteristics. If you have time check out some online churches through you tube or what have you. Try Faith Family Church, from Ohio. Pastor Mike is pretty good :) And yes by all means focus on praying and talking to Him (God). Relationship with God is most important. Also try to be mindful of what you watch on tv. Sometimes what we watch can trigger dreams or even just unclear answers or thinking.

    Blessings of grace and peace are yours
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  12. One possible understanding based on what I have read from you over time is that the dream is a result of you feeling overwhelmed at times and there is no real prospect of help for your plight from family; you should hang in there as relief is not too far down the road for you.
    I'm not saying that this is a revelation direct from the throne room of heaven, but maybe you should take comfort from the knowledge that relief is near, and the Lord will carry you though the difficulties of life.
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  13. Very well said Calvin !!
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