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  1. Emotions

    Do you ever hit a place in your life where you always feel very emotional?
    You feel weepy all the time?
    And then normal, everyday things in your life suddenly feel different and uncomfortable?
    Do you ever get a sick feeling in the pit of your stomach and things around you suddenly feel all wrong?

    How can you understand where these feelings come from and how to overcome them?

    What if the more you pray, the more you feel this way?
  2. I have been in that place quite a few times lately.
    I put it down to the various situations that have occured in my family including dog etc plus a revealtion I had a little while back that changed my family forever, then I though maybe it's pre-menopause hormones, then I thought maybe God is at work in my deepest parts bringing healing.
    I still dont know for sure, but I feel quite melancholy a lot of the time.
    I am trusting in Him that as I put my hope in Him, that He will carry me through.
  3. It think to say you haven't experienced this at least every once in a while, is to deny your own humanity.
  4. Are you pregnant?

    I have felt this way, something new is coming to birth.
  5. Don..... Te He .... I couldn't resist. Are you pregnant ????

    Actually to answer you Violet...... Women's emotions change over the years and women are more emotional than men anyways .... no offense to the men.

    But pre- menopause and post menopause have a lot to do with the change in emotions. I can be driving down the street and see some thing that triggers tears or even watching the news and the tears will come as I see different stories.

    Sometimes , just in the house, and thoughts come to mind , I can be teary so don't feel bad Violet. I cry sometimes for no reason that I know of. ( Mind you it was just yesterday, it happened again when I thought .... Lord I can't push or lift that snow and I had to go inside and cry , I had my little cry and said to myself .... this is stupid ... get out there ) I think that is part of being a woman.

    So crying is an outlet and a relief so do not worry my dear. You are normal as normal as can be. We have to rely on Jesus more as He sees every tear and bottle them up for us. You my dear have had more than the rest of us , on your plate and you are still remaining strong so I pray the Lord to give you an extra portion of His strength to carry you through and I know one of these days my sweet Violet you will be shouting from the mountain tops. Praise God and keep on praising Him


  6. Yes Brother Ban .... That is so true. We are all human and if we lacked emotion there would be something wrong with us.
  7. No, but I wish I was... or at least in a situation where I could take in babies, I love them.

  8. I don't think you want to be pregnant anyways !!! I was just kidding. Well Don .... He He .... there is a solution to your problem.:D:D:D:D
  9. Strange this is the first topic I click on today. I just finished watching a TV show called "the Secret" it talks about basic laws of attraction. Think good things, good things happen.

    Then That got me thinking. God taught his people to be clean, this was before we knew about bacteria.

    God told us to have one sexual partner...your spouse. If the world followed this, STD's and STI's would vanish. There is no way that the people in those days knew about STD's

    God also told us not to worry, that he looks after the smallest bird, and that he will look after you. Perhaps he said that, because you'd think possitive, and attract possitive things. So think Possitive, and pray for what you need.
  10. Don't keep me in suspense Dusty...

    and Daves I have been praying and God keeps telling me to wait for the right one in his good timing. I have complete faith that he will provide but waiting is still hard. Just like in the winter, we wait for the spring, I know that spring will come again and the sun will come out and all will be well.:shepherd:
  11. Thank you, Jax~
    Not that I want anyone else to feel this, but I'm glad someone can relate~
    That is all I can do too, is put it in God's hands~

  12. This actually makes me feel good that you say this, Ban~
  13. Don, bless your heart~

    I am keeping you in my prayers.
    You truly deserve the best woman there is!
    You have a lifetime ahead of you still and your time is coming!

    Am I pregnant?

    You know I love babies and children but it just isn't so~

  14. Dusty,
    thank you~
    You always understand~
    I am very sorry for your tears...
    I wish I could cry mine and yours both, then only one of us would have to cry~

    If I lived near, I would be there, with a shovel and a big hug for you.

    Thank you just for being there~
  15. Well... And I am in hot water now.... How shall I get out ? Hmmm. I am thinking Don.

    Nah.... I don't have to tell you . You already know. In fact you already mentioned it to Dave.

    I am sure God will provide a wonderful mate like you said and I will also be praying for you as well. Don't give up the ship. It will be coming in. Wooo--- Hoo. !!!!
  16. Thank you for the sweet compliment Violet, I am feeling very encouraged today. :israel:
  17. I know that Violet. You touched my heart. Don't worry. It seems this time of year is hard for me. I just cry for no reason but didn't want you all to know cause you might think I was weak. I do try to be brave.
  18. Dave,
    funny you should mention this.
    I know some Christians are against this concept~
    My daughter, Ashley bought the book.
    She tells me that she read it and uses the thoughts alongside with God's word~

    It has been very helpful to her~
    She bought me the book and she can't send it to me because 20 people have already borrowed it.
    They ask her, "Ash, have you sent your mom the book yet?" Ha! her's and mine are both in the hands of others.

    I would never want someone to use the book alone and dismiss God's word~

  19. Stay encouraged, Don!!!! :)
  20. Well, Dusty, you sound just like me now!
    I have been in real need of sharing my problems with loving people but I don't want anyone to think I am weak~
    I want to be strong for everyone else!
    See, I never think of you as anything but strong and yet I know you have your sadnesses too~


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