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  1. I contacted two churches that I have attended regularly last night in order to speak to a "after hour" pastor due to an emergency. I have never reached out before, but I had an awful experience at my brothers last night and really needed some Godly advice about something I am thinking of doing.

    None of the after hour pastors called me back. I got a message at 6:45 this morning from one, but there wasn't a missed number on my caller ID, and the number provided was the same number you call to leave a message where someone is supposed to call you back. I called again today and still did not hear back from either church.

    What is the point of these "emergency after hour pastoral services" if they don't even call people back within a reasonable amount of time??
  2. What a shame...
  3. Hmmm...sorry to hear that. I have our preachers personal cell should the need arise at anytime.

    Sounds like another failed attempt of the commercialization and cultural absorption of Christianity.

    You can PM me if you want....
  4. I'm on Skype a lot, Tink....Just video chat whenever I'm on.
  5. Thank You. I wasn't trying to have a pity party... and it wasn't really a rhetorical question... I guess I was just kind of wondering if this happened normally. Thank you two for being such a sweethearts :)

    I may definitely take you up on the offer. I'm battling with whether or not I should report my brother to CPS.
  6. Ok....Ummmmm....Since this is really not a 100% American forum.....CPS?

    Chilled Pickle Services?

    Canadian Pediatric Society?

    Crop Production Subcommittee?

    ......collapses 20 minutes later with GSS...[Google Search Syndrome][​IMG]
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  7. Lol! Child Protective Services. Thanks for brightening my day Rusty!
  8. Oh....I see...Had me flummoxed for a few minutes there...
  9. If there is fry in jeopardy, or you think this might be so, you have an obligation to report to CPS. They can decide on the gravity of the situation. You should also advise your brother. This is a legal matter not a spiritual one.
  10. I am terrified of my brother. The situation is complicated. I am afriad of not only what he might do to his family, but myself. There is a lot at stake here. My mom said that if my niece and nephews go to a foster home that her and I will never be able to see them again because they will seperate them from the entire family. I would nearly die if that happened.
  11. Hmmmmm....CPS is not necessarily your best option for reasons I will not discuss openly on this forum. You are MUCH better off keeping the gov'ment out of it if you can find an independent third party (like a Church) to assist and intervene on the behalf of the children...
  12. Or the Salvation Army...they are pros in this area.
  13. well, if you ask me if the choice is child protection services or the childs life, then If you ask me there choice is pretty clear. If there are other options, then by all means go for them, but from what Im getting the guy is violent-trying to remove the child any way except through the government-is most likely going to get someone hurt. In most areas Ive seen child protective services try to find a family member first if possible. . .but there is another option. If you take the kids, then thats kidnapping, but what about the mother in this situation? Maybe im assuming wrong, but it sounds like an abusive situation-if you can convince the mother to leave him and take the kids, and then file for divorce, she can then seperate him from the kids legally and protect them, without having them placed in foster care.
  14. I know in NYS- ANYONE can petition Family Court for Child Custody; and there is a potential for CPS to get involved ( I just went through this last September.) #1 Get a lawyer family with Family Court, #2 get the petition from the court. If any form of 'child abuse' is put in the petition-CPS will probably poke their head in.
  15. His girlfriend has began siding with him and I know will not go against him. They both do not work, and I know a lot of the anger and rage is coming from and insecurity. I am so completely torn on this issue because I would take the kids if I could, but I'm not financially stable enough to support 3 children and neither is my mom. My mom and I love each other to death but we can't live under the same roof. I don't want those kids to be in harm but I also don't want them taken away from my mom and I. When I called CPS they said that they first try to assist the family by giving them therapy or recommending anger management, but what if they see something else and try straight to take the kids away?
    I didn't know there were ever the avenues I could look into but my brother doesn't go to church and it is not easy to talk to him at all...you have to understand he is a very very difficult person.
  16. His girlfriend was working and he was a stay at home dad, but apparently the stress is too much so now she is on temporary disability because of stress of the kids. she was also working over 60 miles away from her house, and the commute was horrendous. I can understand.
  17. Did someone report you?? I'll pm you later.
  18. No-my situation dictated that I fight for rights to my daughter at the time. We were able to compromise custody rights without CPS involvement. Let's just say she came home to be with daddy...

    Remember-blessings require sacrifice-maybe that means resolving relationship issues all the way around...
  19. Here's the thing 'the best interest of the children' will be presented to the court. You have to have an outlined game plan BEFORE you step in front of the judge.

    If the state decides 'the best interest of the children' is to take them away from the family, well.....

    I think you your first move is a major family intervention even if that means cornering your brother-bring every thing into the light-anything done in darkness is wickedness.
  20. If I corner my brother I fear being physically hit by him. I don't know what to do.

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