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  1. i stopped playing skyrim. my xbox hates it, takes forever to load. i've been playing final fantasy XIV on ps4. that game is awesome. tons to do still when you max out your level for both the main quest and your occupational quests. i would highly recommend that game. only downside, it's a lot of level grinding, but i think it's fun.
  2. X Box aint no good. Not 4 me
  3. I've never been a big PC guy for gaming. Game consoles have dominated my gaming experience. I think that's what's comfortable for me.
  4. What ever you are comfortable with Brian is what is going to work :)
  5. Man. I'm a huge final fantasy fan. tis was the first game I owned -ff 9. But I'm tired of the whole, having to get a new console just to get a new game. Sigh.
  6. Just buy a gaming computer. They're better anyway.
  7. Thanks for the advice. I won't be getting a new laptop though. Well that's if I can get my old one fixed.
  8. Play some games of GOG. You should be able to run some of those. To the Moon is an awesome point and click game you could probably run.
  9. GOG? Or perhaps MaGOG?
  10. GOG is a super cool DRM free site to buy games.
  11. I know I was tugging at a lower appendage because of the name.

    I'm a TES fan, but it is Morrowind over Skyrim for me.

  12. Morrowind has a ton of problems though! The combat is terrible. The stealth is terrible. The way your mana regenerates is terrible.

    I actually like Morrowind a lot as well. Skyrim is a very fun game but it's missing some sort of magic feel from the older ones. I actually really like Daggerfall, but the darn thing is really glitchy for me.
  13. The story drew me into Morrowind more than the combat system. Honestly none of them have good mechanics.

    And do we really play RPGs for combat? That is what FPS is for. Not story driven RPG.

    When I played the table top versions back in the day we were all about the roles and saga, not the dice rolls.
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  14. Should I create a general 'video games' thread? I want to talk about other games too, not sure if you all do either. Let me know.
  15. I have a hard time following Elder Scrolls stories. I end up playing for hours between story quests, so by the end I don't remember the start. I play older games like Baldur's Gate and Fallout, which are more story driven RPGs, but the combat is great. For some reason I didn't mind the combat in Daggerfall, but Morrowind annoys me. It's mainly in the beginning because you literally can't hit anything. After leveling up a bit it's fine. Even in the old Dungeon and Dragons games in the 90's you could hit more in the beginning.

    I'm game.
  16. Will do then.

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