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  1. Yup, I just did that!

    I'm playing on 360 and about 110 hours in but my stupid game keeps freezing so I haven't played in a while.
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  2. I really like Skyrim. I don't like the character creation because it seems limited in comparison to Oblivion, Morrowind, and Daggerfall. I do like the leveling up so much more though. I hated having to manage every single skill in the previous Elder Scrolls games. I probably played Oblivion for 500 hours, and I spent a good portion of that time finding ways to cheat so that I wouldn't have to spend five hours walking to increase my athletics skills.

    I haven't progressed through the main story very far yet, but it's very enjoyable from the 100 hours I've spent with my Dark Elf Nightblade. I think I stopped playing because there wasn't much of a challenge anymore. I can kill giants pretty easily, so everything else seems pretty easy. I have to get back to it to at least beat the main story though.
  3. Skyrim old now though.

    Have you guys tried 'Rust'?

    I play quite a bit of starcraft 2. Love RTS.
  4. Skyrim isn't a game, it's a lifestyle choice. @_@ I was looking at the Steam reviews yesterday and several people had 4000+ hours devoted to that game. I think I put 300 or so into it myself.
  5. I know I have 100 hours in my Nightblade character. I've beaten the Thieves Guild and Dark Brotherhood as well as a crap ton of other side quests and I think I've barely scratched the surface. It wouldn't surprise me if someone spent 4000 hours in it. I had to break away when I was trying to come back to the Lord and I haven't played it much since. I have to start playing it once I finish up a couple of games I'm working on now.

    Dude, I am playing Wasteland 1 (1988), Deus Ex (2000), Blood (1997) and Duke Nukem (1996) and Fallout 2 (1998) currently. Skyrim is brand spanking new as far as I'm concerned. With a game the size of Skyrim I think it needs at lest five years to be considered "old."

    I don't buy new games anymore so I've never heard of Rust.
  6. 4000? That's insane! I feel awful having put in just over 100, I couldn't even imagine 4000.
  7. Gamers don't have lives. We all know this :p
  8. Haha, true. Did you hear about that gamer who was coming up on 1 million achievement points for xbox 360? Also crazy!
  9. It took me a good 4 hours to figure out how to cure vampirism which I had to look up online. I would get killed super fast if I was trying to battle people in the daylight. Also, I have no idea where the main quests are, I just keep doing the side quests.
  10. Do you have any skills that are legendary yet?
  11. I like achievements, but I never focus on it unless I really just love the game and want something extra to do.
    I don't have any legendary skills yet.

    Oh, and I just check, and I've actually been playing this character for 45 hours, and I've totaled 100 hours in the game. I'm level 37.
  12. Wow, you leveled up quick for 45 hours. I think I'm at level 40. My destruction spells are legendary which is crazy because you go from level 100 back down to 15. I think I'm back up to 60 though, it doesn't take too long to get back up there. I will take much longer though to get from 60 back to 100 :(.
  13. What does that do? I've never even looked into it.
  14. It looks like it gives added damage percentage plus 100% stagger to all enemy races.
  15. I may have to do that then. I'd hate to do it with stealth though. That's my most used skill.
  16. Oh wow. I think that's my least right next to speech. I just like to go into battles guns blazing, no need for stealth :ROFLMAO:!
  17. I'm a stealthy dude. I rarely ever use magic (except with this character since a Nightblade is a stealthy mage) and never make a tank character. Most of my favorite games are stealth games, so that probably has a lot to do with it.
  18. That makes sense then. You're like a Skyrim ninja.
  19. Exactly. I prefer sliding my blades between someone's ribs from behind rather than in their face. If I put anything in my enemies face it's going to be an arrow.
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  20. Haha. I usually use my push shout then light them on fire.

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