Elderly Woman Grabs Gun, Holds Would-Be Burglar At Bay

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  1. Cool .... But that would never happen here as we are not allowed to have a hand gun. So I will have to think of a more creative way.:D
  2. Good for her! I don't know if she would have actually shot him, but he didn't have the courage to call her bluff--if she was bluffing. :israel:
  3. What about a shotgun?
  4. or you could be like my grandma just keep an assortment of rifles by your back door lol jeez she must have had atleast 4 there lol
  5. I wonder if she could shoot somebody, a burglar at her home. Could she be able to get away with it, can she? It is her home.
  6. Christian grandmas don't need rifles. They are taught:

    Matthew 5:39 But I say unto you, That ye resist not evil: but whosoever shall smite thee on thy right cheek, turn to him the other also.
  7. Its about time grannies fought back!

    You wouldn't catch anyone in the UK trying to stop a burgalar anymore, If you so much as lay a finger on a burgalr even in your own home, you can be sued.

    Criminals have more rights than victims.
  8. That is very true. One good example of that is the criminal who broke into a warehouse through the skylight. He fell and was injured, and he sued the owners of the warehouse and won $250,000.
  9. AMEN... Boanerges - thank you for posting that info.

    For those persons who have looked at my profile, you know that I was a law enforcement officer for 21 years retiring in 1991 as a tactical team (SWAT) training sergeant. Since then in addition to my Pastoral and Ministry obligations and weather analysis, I teach Personal Defense Firearms classes for women (only) in five US states. Over the past 17 years, three of my graduates have had to use defensive force to stay alive. I am proud that these three women remembered their training and acted as they were instructed under the laws of their respective states in doing so. Linda, Gretchen and Louise are all still with us today because they knew what to do and how to legally protect themselves from the deadly force that was being subjected to them.

    For those persons in countries, other than the US, who no longer have the right to Keep and Bear Arms, let me just say that in your countries, as soon the personal law abiding ownership of handguns was taken away, only the criminals had guns. Now your crime rates are out of control because there is no longer a civilian deterrent to crimes against individuals and businesses. We pray for your collective safety.
  10. First, thank you and God bless you Pastor Gary.

    Very important point. Many people die each year at the hand of someone holding their own gun because they did not take the time to seek proper training. Likewise, many people are incarcerated in what would have been a self defence situation because they were ignorant of their own state laws.

    Everyone has the basic human right to live and to protect yourself, but like all rights it can be abused. Please take the time to find out the laws in your local and seek proper training if you plan to have any weapon in your home or on your person.


    This is starting to happen here in the U.S. as well. Many of our cities, especially the ones with the highest violent crime rates also have laws in effect that prevent citizens from carrying protection.

    This is also the reason that so many assassins target schools, universities, Amish schoolhouses, and other "gun free" zones where they are aware that there will be zero resistance to their crimes.
  11. If a burglar walks into a store, planning to rob it, and sees a sign that says "No guns allowed", I don't think the burglar is going to say "Aw man! I guess I can't this place!". The burglars, murderers, and killers are already breaking several laws by doing the crimes they do, and I don't think a couple more Gun Control Laws are going to stop them.

    I despise guns and violence, but I truly hope that one day we will be allowed to protect ourselves.
  12. MWM; I see you're from New Jersey.
    Am I correct that you don't have the right to carry a firearm up there?

    Where I live we still have the second amendment right but there are some store owners who place signs on the doors that say "No firearms."

    Many people simply refuse to shop in such places, but with respect for the shop keepers personal right to dictate what takes place on their private property.

    Like you, I dispise violence, but I stop short of placing blame on guns, or knives, or rocks or sticks.

    Violence is the result of a fallen and sinful nature, I don't think government intervention, or bans will have any impact on the reduction of crime.
  13. So it is true. Somebody can own a gun in the US to fire at a burglar?
  14. Mellow - That individual right was placed in our Constitution and it's Amendments when this country was in it's infancy. The Founding Fathers knew that it is not the orgaized military nor the law enforcement personnel that will maintain order and be a deterrent to crime, but the individual looking out for his or her own family that is the deterrent. Our US Constitution was formulated under strict adherance to God's Word. Over the years, those persons and groups who support a 'one world system' have tried to undermine the US Constitution with agenda driven legal action and laws being enacted from the liberal factions of the Judiciary rather than laws being enacted by Congress.

    Let me quote our Second Amendment to the US Constitution:

    The 'militia' refered to in that wording does not mean the military - it means individual citizens who are willing and able to gather to protect themselves and their neighbors as conditions warrant when no Military or Law Enforcement personnel are right there to do the protecting.

    In the US, we have the Constitutional Right to keep and bear arms. Our Supreme Court recently confirmed this regarding the District of Columbia having a full gun ban in place for nearly 30 years. That law was found to be unconstitutional and has been repealed. The District of Columbia had one of the worst crime statistics anywhere in our country - because law abiding individual citizens were not allowed to have a defensive weapon in their homes. Criminals do not heed laws and they were the only ones with firearms. That changed a couple months ago and even in that short time span, the rate of crimes against individuals has dropped because citizens can now protect themselves in that area.

    Please refer to 1 Timothy 5:8 (NLT) for one of God's Orders to us all to watch over our families...

    Many governments around the world have adopted the "No Personal Ownership of Firearms" laws - and in almost all cases, this has led to a very high increase in crimes against persons and property because there is no longer a deterrent... a statistic that is shameful. Your power lies in your vote. Support candidates worldwide who will try to enact and restore personal protection laws so you and your families will not become statistics to criminal actions and home invasions.

  15. If someone breaks in your home and threatens your family you have the legal right to kill them in the USA.
  16. kinda hard to kill a deer, elk or moose with out a rifle ;) lol
  17. Never thought of that...:rolleyes:

    Horray for protection!!!
  18. you hit the nail on the head there when it comes to crime. you can ban what ever you want people will just find different means to the end. look at canada we have very strict gun controll laws we also have very low gun crime BUT we have much higher crime rates involving weapons such as knives, bats and other such stuff while down in the states where guns are uch easier to come by and have very few restrictions as far as owner ship the gun crime is much higher.
  19. The Second Amendment clearly states that the American people have the ultimate right to own firearms.

    But just to let you guys know, not all of America allows guns. I live in New Jersey, with pretty strict Gun Control Laws. NJ is a very liberal-leaning state, and tends to sway towards Gun Control (Even though it violates the Second Amendment).

    Here in NJ, you can own a gun, but you have to go through a billion step process, and fill out so many papers and contracts, that it basically comes down to the fact that you don't even own the gun, the Government does. Gun Control is pretty strong up here.

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