Either be hot or cold, weather!

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  1. Either be hot or cold, weather!

    Southern California is famous for it's sunny skies and warm, pleasant weather.

    It's so totally not like that now!

    I am disliking this dip and dive weather. One minute it's 97 degrees and then the next it's 69.

    And the Weather Channel isn't helping with the updates, lol!

    I remember it rained, and y'all know it doesn't "rain" here, it POURS! And the hills were so pretty and green, now their all patchy brown-and-green....it didn't take very long for the brush to dry out! :D

    I know a lot of others across the U.S. aren't having pleasant weather either.

    It doesn't seem like "global warming" to me...:p

    Maybe it'll get hot next week. Hopefully. :D
  2. I was considering moving from Florida to the desert area of California until I found that much of the temps there are about 20 degrees cooler than here. I think I'll stay put. I like the warm winters here.
  3. Yeah, in the winter, the deserts have that extreme desert weather.

    It will snow out in Lancaster, and at one time Hesperia, CA. I'm not sure about Palm Desert, but it may.

    I don't live in the desert, we're in North O.C. but we did have one chilly winter where it was at least 32 degrees. Man, that was C-O-L-D.

    Come in the summer. It's dryer than Florida, but the heat is hot enough to fry and egg on the sidewalk, lol.
  4. Bend is 63-miles from where I live, the nearest good city to us. I went there yesterday just to get away from it all for a while. I went to the top of Pilot Butte, did some shopping, walked around downtown...

    When I left, it was sunny. So I wore a tank top. Half-way there, it started raining. So I stopped at Goodwill to buy a shirt. While I was in Bend...get this...it was snowing!!! Again! Almost May 1. What's going on here?:(

    From the top of Pilot Butte, I looked around and you can see all of Central Oregon from up there. Whoo-boy! To the south, it was sunny. The Cascade Mountains were fluffy with snow/clouds. And up and down Central Oregon, you could see the difference in rain/snow showers and patches where the sunw as shining through. It was amazing. I took some pics. I'll have to post them, they're wild.

    That's my friend Preston from the top of Pilot Butte in Bend. You can see in the background how the snow is falling in the distance. On us is sunshine. To the right is rain. To the left is hail. It was pretty wild. :blink:

    Stay frosty.:D
  5. Where's my global warming?

    This has been the coldest spring I can remember. It was 38 degrees when I woke up and there is still snow on the hills. Some of my apricot blossoms died of frost bite. I keep waiting for that warm weather.

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