Eight Ways Blacks Perpetuate Racism

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  1. This article will definitely provoke the reader to doing more research within themselves. This article demonstrates the need for God's word to be paramount in our lives. It's been prophesied in 2Tim 3 about people like this.
  2. Thanks for posting! I wish more people would understand this understanding of racism.
  3. That whole denying marriage due to being black thing is just absurd and obviously not Biblical.
  4. Agreed, but that's only a small part of it. The point I was shooting for, is that there are enough bigoted things IN the church to deal with, before we start expecting something from the black community that it's not funny.


    I think we have a lotta ducks to line up, before we start shooting our neighbors.

    I'd put the whole no gay marriage thing up there with interracial marriages and such when you get down to the biblical semantics of the issue. Most wouldn't include that. But, those are just examples of the problem as a whole.

    We, in the church, tend to gather those that think like we do together, use that number/mass to define and force our will on others. We do it through legislation, and declarations of heresy, etc...

    When you've hit head to head with it as many times as I have, it just becomes plain that it's a fruit of the church today, and that fruit is rotten.

    So, if you saw that, would you watch it ignore it and work on other's problems, or address those within? I'm not meaning that to YOU particularly, just you in general.

    There is a general, sorta third person tense to that word, you...
  5. I understand where you're coming from, but just because there are issues in the church doesn't mean we don't acknowledge the other issues as well. A large part of the church IS the black community, so therefore it IS a church issue. The racist ideals of Black Liberation Theology is some of the most absurd and demonic doctrines to date. There isn't just a problem with white racism, there is a BIGGER and growing problem with black racism.
  6. I think bigger problem is relative. But, the BLT is a serious issue. You can get youtube videos of Obama at some Farrakahn people's rallies. That really disturbed me.

    But, if there was zero racism from the white contingent of the church, BLT would have no place to put a foot. I think ultimately we hold the cards, me being white anglo saxon male.

    In the 1950s the "church" was behind the loudest contingents that wanted to make sure blacks stayed segregated, that lynched black men that had interest or were an interest of white women, etc... That was the BIBLE being used just as it is today in the glbt marriage issues. I think most people today looking back would say we aren't like that. That was obviously wrong what they did. However it's the same thing. Only the names have been changed.

    The point I see underlying it, and it is not denying the blt threat you shared, is WE, within our Church have created the demons "the loudest" factions now decry.
  7. Just because some idiot (who happens to be white) decides to be racist, does not mean we are now engaged in a war. I disagree with you, in that I do not believe ANYBODY should be holding the cards, because the game as a whole has been over for years. I think anything at this point is an open refusal to move on, put the cards down, and get over it.
  8. Sounds angry, shouldn't be, hope not.

    I don't hold the cards. the "some idiot" who happens to be racist/bigot, is not SOME as in singular, but some as in huge numbers. To turn a bind eye to it, allow it to happen, is to be part of perpetuating the problem. As long as there is a loud contingent behaving such, what the majority believes is irrelevant. In the public's eyes they will be condemned with the loudest factions.

    I think your use of words like "refusal" and such, show you just want me to agree with you and aren't really open to discussion, so I'll bail out. Seein' that a lot lately.
  9. I think you misunderstood what I said. I was not referring to you. I said anything at this point (as in, continuing to play this "racist game") is an open refusal to move on. And it is. People are STILL milking this "white racism" thing for all it's worth, despite the fact the game is over (segregation and slavery being abolished). The black community "playing the victim" is not the solution to this problem. It is making it worse. We are supposed to discourage ALL racism, not just when white people do it.
  10. Ok, my apologies for taking it personal.

    Then I will amend the response to this.

    Its a fine line to asking the black community to adjust, when there is still so much bigotry rampant. There are some scars that won't go away only be healed by agapao action so the change is shown as real, not just words.

    An example, black congregations see si,ilar issues in the plight of the glbt community and marriage, compared to what they lived through in the 50s. The church was part of the founding of the kkk, errrrrr, part of the founding of the kkk was based on peoplesbiblical and religious fervor, and the church was linked to that..... probably more accurate there.

    The church IS arrogant enough, not you, corporately, to deny, ignore, justify past behavior and write it off as not relevant when those scars are still fresh or aching on people/s.

    I see this with the gay marriage thing, which has absolutely no biblical for the aggressive moves the church has taken. And if I try to bring it up in a studious fashion to discuss the merits of those actions it immediately results in name calling, emotional appeals and worse. One board banned me for starting the conversation, another when the administrator went off on an emotional rantm and I showed him every one of the rules he authored that he violated. I was banned and I was told the administrator edited out his comments but left mine which look, errrrr like I attacked him without his comment before.

    I agree there are some uptight people in the black community who expect things they shouldn't. But I can only control me and maybe influence those in my community, so those are the ones I talk to. And in light of church history, and the church, in segments today, perpetuating wounds, asking the black commmunity to "trust us, its ok", is pretty unrealistic. Any intelligent man is cautious to walk happily to a man that slaps you evertime you get near.

    So, if any healing is to happen, it starts, right here, in this thread, right now, and needs to be spread like a virus through witnessable activities of gal 5:6 calliber.
  11. I'm sorry, that was long for thumb typing, work with me in spelling and such.
  12. I understand what you're saying, but I do not see things from that perspective. What I see is a bunch of people who refuse to move on, whether white or black, and want to continue to live in the past. I do not believe these scars are still fresh, because I believe the people themselves are not allowing them to heal. There is absolutely no excuse for racism when it comes to the children of God. I do not care if someone was "offended" by someone once. It is unacceptable behavior from BOTH black people and white people.

    We need to flush this ridiculous idea that just because someone is black, they have this "free sin" card that they can play victim and use whenever they want. Because like it or not, racism is sin. If I were the pastor of a church, I would give ZERO grace for ANYBODY being racist. Ethnically discriminating in your rebuke is, in of itself, racism. How old were we when we learned "two wrongs don't make a right?" This is child's play, and it is pathetic that people still don't understand this. So instead of taking the "aw...you poor thing..." approach to dealing with the issue (which I believe only perpetuates the problem itself and makes it worse), I believe we as believers have a mandate to rebuke sin, and take the "repent of your pride and live like a Christian!" approach for all racists no matter their ethnicity. I shouldn't have to be black in order to rebuke a black man for racism. I also shouldn't have to be white in order to rebuke a white man for racism. Sin is sin, no matter the culture, and 1 Cor 5:12-13 is our mandate to judge not the unbeliever, but judge those that call themselves Christians. Like I said before, ethnically discriminating your rebuke is, in of itself, racism.
  13. I guess mostly we would stand united here. But maybe I am more involved, and still see the racism that is there and people getting hurt by it. Another example is the glbt community. They are currently going through what the church put the black communities through in the 50s. Same arguments, mostly, instead of making the kkk as the church in the 50s did, we have the tea party? Screaming no rights for glbt.....

    I witness in both communities, so I'm more hands on than most, I guess.
  14. If you are more hands on than most you would know that "rights" is not what the Christian community is fighting against. It is semantics regarding the definition of "marriage" being defined by the Biblical standard of one man and one woman. The majority of respected Christians are fighting for what marriage is defined as, not fighting against giving people rights. I'm sure nobody would be fighting if the GLBT community would be content with defining their relationships as "civil unions" instead of "marriage."

    Also, it is certainly not the same as the KKK by any stretch of the imagination. The Bible (KJV) can't even be used to promote slavery, being the word "slavery" is not in the King James Version. The word "Slaves" comes up 1 time in Revelation 18:13 and the word "Slave" comes up 1 time in Jeremiah 2:14. So there is absolutely no reason to claim people used the Bible to justify slavery, or the KKK using the Bible to justify racism. It isn't there. Homosexuality and Marriage however, IS in the Bible.
  15. Aenon,

    The term marriage was used legally for a union of people. Before the Church existed, or before the word in English existed, we have records of "marriages" between same sex people. You marry lumber together to make doors and tables. Those uses of the word marriage, have nothing to do with the union that GOD will bless.

    The only reason the church got involved in the MARRIAGE business at all, as it was a legal thing, not a holy thing, was the Church of Rome were the only educated people to write the documents and thus witness them. Your marriage is blessed by God, whether it's legalized by the State or not. If the state marries you, it doesn't affect if God blesses it or not. It's a legal term for legal reasons. It always has, and until now would have remained so.

    No law can force "GOD TO BLESS" their marriage. If you think the union of man and woman is holy, then it shall be after the law is made an option for glbt communities. The gay community started off asking for equal rights, and the church was adamant about not letting them use that. That's the history of this tale. I was involved in the discussion way back then.

    SOME ENTERPRISING GAY ATTORNEY, had the idea, that since a legal marriage is honored in every state, like from Vegas to Texas for example, that they only needed ONE state to make it legal and then they would have their protection (and curses) under the law. Now they are being denied that.

    Christ said, if someone asks for a coat, give them your shirt to. You have people asking for thread to put the buttons on their shirt, and are having their buttons taken away. The Church is not living up to Christ's standard on this topic, they are being bigots. Some out of hate, some because they are followers by nature, and some out of ignorance, but there is no LOVE as GOD nor CHRIST describes in this endeavor anywhere.

    If it's legal, GOD WILL STILL BLESS THE SAME MARRIAGES! Or do you not believe God can do it without the law behind Him?

    By denying them equal rights, the church is hate mongering. And rights under the law, IS BEING DENIED THEM any way you wish to cut it.

    THE KKK, was an organization founded on biblical principals that argued mostly the same types of arguments the Church argues here. Blacks were always inferior to whites, so they didn't deserve the same rights as whites did. The Church felt it was their obligation to protect God's claims on the world. And the Church argued vehemently, campaigned, just as you see now against GLBT. The history happening now, mirrors that history. Throw the inflammatory KKK part out, and just stick to the "good ole Xians" that marched for their faith, against interracial marriages, blacks voting, blacks having equal rights, etc....

    What was happening there that was SO RIGHT in GOD'S EYES to do, is now looked back up on as horrible events of misguided people. That's the group most of the church will be in 40 years from now. The comparison was 100% correct, as well as undeniable.

    What should the church do?

    Jesus said if they ask give them more than they ask for. IMMEDIATELY after that comment, He explained that God loves His enemies, anyone can be charitable for those that like them. But God gives rain and sun even to those that stand against Him. Their basic needs, in other words, are provided even though they stand against God. CHRIST COMMANDED US TO DO AS MUCH AS GOD DOES, TO LOVE THE ENEMIES AS GOD DID.

    You aren't doing that, you being the church today.... not you personally.

    Christ told the soldier and the tax collector, two of the "filthiest" "most sinful" jobs of their era, to do their jobs, just do them fairly.

    It's said that God appoints the Government. Pharaoh's government was crucial to Christ being who He was. The government is responsible for the people, not the Church. Asking the government to legislate the Church's beliefs on the world/country/state/wthe, is the church abandoning their job to witness to the people, and are being lazy trying to get the govt to do their job.

    There are about another 3 dozen biblical arguments I could make for why this is a wrong position. But reason won't get past hate, anger, fake humility, nor pride. So, only someone willing to challenge their faith with the Bible as the standard will pay attention to scripture that doesn't support their beliefs.

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