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Discussion in 'Suggestions and Feedback' started by gemma, Jun 2, 2011.

  1. Hi. Perhaps I should start with a question as I've experienced this before. After we posted in the forum, are we always allowed anytime to edit them? My suggestion is - can our original post only have a limited amount of time for editing and/or deleting? Thanks.
  2. Yes! I think a time limit would be a good idea, too. :)
  3. In addition, while we are still active in the thread or post we are replying to, can the counter not start yet? The regular formatting is a pain to use, I have to click another button to make sure they're right. Thanks a lot.
  4. Well, I can most likely disable the editing feature with little difficulty, but adding a timer would require a bit more coding. I've been thinking about this all week since it seems to be a recurring issue. I may just have to dig in and start coding but that could be quite a big project for me to take on right now.
  5. May I ask why we would need a timer for editing our posts?

    Just curious.
  6. Banarenth, I'm ok with what you think is best for now. :) I'd like to explore back to my field but I stopped at SQL, VB and VBScript. I just couldn't remain as a programmer so I left that kind of environment. I still like looking at the codes though while I test.
  7. Hiya, InHisLove! There had been several instances that, for example, the original poster deleted almost everything he had replied to in the forum. No biggie. Then, a long time ago, I posted and forgot to include something to my post and when I woke up, I realized that I could still edit my post. But I didn't change my original reply to someone, I just added something to it. Then few weeks after that, a couple people replied previously to a post that had been there for a while. They figured it out when another person replied without knowing that the original poster had edited his/her reply s/he originally posted weeks ago. So when I reply to a person and, few days after that, my reply doesn't make sense at all because the original post has been changed. If I go back and read my post, I'd feel silly with what and how I answered the post. I'm hoping that disabling the Edit feature or a timer can prevent that from happening again.
  8. Hadn't noticed it happening here but yes, gemma, that sort of rewriting of history can be bad news.

    I'd hope it doesn't come to disabling the editing feature as I often find myself noticing things I want to correct just after I post but I think a time limit would be a good idea.

    Another approach that can be used although I don't think it's as good as a time limit is to consider editing a privilege that can be revoked on a per user basis.
  9. Oh and one other thing I can think of is to add a "last edited" timestamp in the post. At least that way one would be able to see that the post you replied to had been altered after your reply.
  10. I think that has occurred to posts of mine on different forums. That may be the "fail-safe" of such a situation with adding more complex coding into the system.

    I am deleting the first sentence of this post from it's original position and placing it below this sentence.
    I believe that in threads/forums such as this, if you reply to someone's post and you INCLUDE a quote of the post to which you are replying, then even if they do delete or change their post, I believe the quote remains in your post.
  11. Here is an example of replying with a quote: I hit the reply button/word/link at the bottom of my post and it automatically puts the entire post inside of marks.
  12. Now if you look back at my first post, #10, where I have now deleted the first sentence and placed it below an added sentence, you will see it is different from the original post BUT the QUOTE in my reply in #11 has maintained the original post in its entirety with no additional changes.
  13. Supposedly I have limited this to 5 minutes for most members. It's a user-group related thing so I'll have to go through all of them, but this should help.

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